Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I've been to Malacca a few times, but I can never find my way around. That, in itself, is an adventure. I once turn circles in Malacca for a couple of hours before I could find my way out of the damn place, but that is a story for another day. Today, photos!


Jeff was in Malacca for work and so he joined us. He claims to know his way around but the best he could manage for a dinner venue was the Malacca Chicken Rice Balls. Unfortunately it was the tourist trap place instead of the good one across the street which was closed at night. The dinner was crap. Jeff sucks. But Jesse loves him, so we let him stay on. :)


For our after-dinner entertainment, we got aboard the Taming Sari Tower. It was basically a vessel revolving around a long pole some 10 storeys up. It beats the crap out of riding on a glorified ferris wheel, I'm sure.


The following day, the wife cleverly suggests the zoo and from that point on, Jesse was determined to visit the zoo even if it killed his father doing it. The zoo is 3 times the size of Taiping Zoo, but alas, only half as pretty (though Mae insists it's better). We walked our legs off for two hours.


That night, Jeff redeems himself by taking us to the Portuguese Settlement for seafood. We invited Jason Mumbles to join us, but he had to work. Thankfully he gave us a good tip. Eat only at Stall No. 1. Stall No. 1 is the Sea Terrace and everybody eats here. Stalls numbers 2-10 try their darnest to get us to eat at their place. One guy from no. 6 even claimed to be from Sea Terrace. Sneaky bugger.


The Portuguese make some excellent crabs. This one's a Pepper Roasted Crab. It was so delicious I ate two whole crabs on my one. Reminds me of a time when I fell for a Portuguese girl back at school. Except that she gave me lots of crap, instead of crabs. Hah. Look, I made a lame joke.


On the last day, we decided we would do the whole tourist thing. We visited the Flor Del Mar. Then the A'Famosa. And then everybody got tired. Jesse never gets tired, so Daddy takes him and Kakak Anie up the hill to see St. Paul's Church. Meanwhile, Mommy and Grandma wait at the foot of the hill.


St. Paul's Church was cool. Despite the fact that everyone died and the place was in shambles, you could almost feel the richness of it's history. I was choking with emotion looking at the ruins. Okay, I lied. That was the heavy buffet we had at Everly Hotel.

After that, we proceeded to the Museum of Islamic Civilization. There, they dedicated an entire wing to display our elections - complete with election paraphernalia and photos, as though our electoral process was anything worth celebrating. *ahem*

After that it got pretty late, so we left for home. And that was our Malacca trip. Jesse enjoyed it so much, he wants to go back to Malacca. But for him, Malacca just meant Everly Hotel where Daddy took him swimming. :)


  1. Actually, there is a chicken rice ball shop (brothers / branch of the famous shop across the street) that operates until early night at Malacca Raya. You don't have to visit the awfully suck A Famosa chicken rice ball.

  2. I stayed there for 2 years and I still figure out the roads now... much has changed since :P

  3. aww jesse has grown so big ;) and ever adorable ;)

  4. I have been to Melaka a few times in a span of 10 years and seriously, I NEVER GOT LOST! Lol!!! Ask for directions lah, bugger!
    What is wrong with men and ego of not asking for directions?

  5. me and the wife ate at that same seafood place many years ago. All we can remember was licking the crab shells cause they were just soo good..
    And we went early, so happen to eat at the first stall.

  6. First time around. Nice blog you have here.

  7. Really, Jason? Man, you should publish a Malacca Eating Guide or something!
    Maggie :)
    Why on earth would you stay in Malacca if you're not from there, Egghead?
    Thanks for saying so, Visithra.
    Gina, one time I was in Malacca and I asked a guy how to get to the Chicken Rice Ball and he answered in the most lansi voice, "If you're not from here, it's very difficult to explain". What a moron. If I were from Malacca, I wouldn't need to ask.
    Good for you, Neeshen. But I am curious as to how bad the others are.
    Thanks for dropping by, Buzzing J.

  8. Eh.. the hainanese dude who skilfully chops the steamed chicken with his seasoned cleaver - looks like my physics teacher.
    Hahah! Anyway, you just need to park your car at the red building - Stadhuys (flat rate Rm5 per day) and walked across the street to the river (just follow the very foul smell) and the chicken rice ball shop is right opposite OCBC Bank.

  9. As lame as your 'crab/crap' joke was, it nevertheless made me smile :D

  10. I know the place, Gina. But that one doesn't open at night.
    I'm glad u like my cheap jokes, Sammy. Hahaha.