Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New & Improved

Ok. Not necessarily. But this is a new template on the blog.

I was tinkering with the template and trying to figure out how to tweak some stuff when everything just went south. So instead of trying to crack my head over how to restore everything, I decided to just click one of them free templates they give you on Blogger. So here we are.

I'll take me forever to tweak this template. Look at how long it took me to start blogging again, and that should give you some indication how long this next enterprise will take.

And yeah, I lost all the old comments you left for me. It breaks my heart cos I really liked that you took the time to stop by and log in a few words. *sigh*

Stupid crap Echo comment system. Anyone knows how to migrate my old Haloscan/JS-Kit/Echo comments to Blogger? I'll buy you a nice dinner. :D


  1. >No more invisible Bob? *sniff*

    I like that orange template.

  2. >welcome back..

  3. >The new template doesn't suit the James I know... looks like fatherhood did you some good... at first I thought your blog was hacked to my dismay. :)

  4. >Jason: It's back, except no more Bob. :D

    Anonymous 1: It's good to be back!

    Anonymous 2: Hahah... who are you and what would look like the James you know? :P

  5. >is that really.. you?

  6. Anonymous 2 is someone with the initials of EYKL