Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Loopymeals Returns

The Valentine of 2010 shall forever be a day of infamy. It was the day after Haloscan shut down for good and all the comments on this blog was unceremoniously dumped into Echo. Echo was fine as a comment system, but it lacked the elegant simplicity that Haloscan gave to blogs and commenters around the world. (It also cost USD10 a month which was frickin' daylight robbery!)

It took me awhile to ponder the fate of my comments. Do I pay the 10 bucks a month? Or risk losing my comments into the bottomless bowel of capitalism? I decided I could live with neither, and thus began my quest for an answer.

In the wee hours of a February morning that same year, I chanced upon the answer in Goat World. It was a miracle. But poring through the sacred text that was to bring my comments back home, I was quickly overwhelmed by the complex ritual I had to perform to such effect. The simple fool that I am, I was not meant for such a mammoth task.

And so I slipped into depression. I stopped blogging (at least not regularly). How could I go on, when the answer was right before me, yet I had no foreseeable way of undertaking it?

With a heart heavy laden with disappointment and dejection, I set out on a pilgrimage of self-discovery and meditation, and descended into a state of nothingness. I awoke in a prison in Bhutan where, after a scuffle with inmates in which I emerged victorious, it was made known to me of my assimilation into the clandestine and mysterious organization, the League of Shadows. Under the tutelage of it dubious yet charismatic leader, Ra's Al Ghul, I transcended the trappings of my ordinary life and found my thirst for truth and justice. Today, I return as Batman.

Heh. The real story is boring as heck, so I thought you might enjoy a little drama.

Anyways, all the comments and blog postings are back in one place, as it should be. It was a painstaking process that took me most of my weekend, but all 8,352 comments have been rescued! *sniff* I've also finally done some tweaking with the template. So I'm happy again. And a happy blogger is a busy blogger. Perhaps. Let's wait and see.

Old Loopymealsout with the old, in with the new

To Ellen Shapiro, you are awesome. I ♥ you much much!


  1. Welcome back! i still like your dramatic story...tell me more ;)

  2. Menyampah.. I just posted something, singing praises to you, I can't post it coz this comment box ask me to SIGN IN even when I selected open ID!

    anyway, welcome back! it's difficult to get quality blogs these days!

    and.. since you have done a good job with your loopy meals, care to spend another weekend to fix mine? HAHHHAA!

  3. Welcome back! I missed you, your family and your writings! :D

  4. HAhah Poh Nee! Sure thing. Will try to blog a lot more. :D

    Cheh blardy Gina. Yesterday I went to your blog on my iPad and it was damn canggih! But looking at it again on my computer... it's still the same. Heheh.

    Awww.... Thanks for saying so, Pelf!

  5. I was told by my kawan also on my blog, damn canggih when view via ipad... itu macam.. shud i get ipad? hahaha