Wednesday, March 1, 2006

One In A Million

Technically it's more like 4 in 2 million. Yup, like the remaining 1,999,996 people out there, Mae, Jesse, Roma and I have the free tickets Air Asia was giving away during their fourth anniversary celebrations last year. Despite the "FREE" tag, we're forking out close to RM150 a pop. Except for Jesse who gets to go for only RM40.

So there it is, the whole lot of us are going away this weekend to Bangkok along with my brothers, sis and brother-in-law.

I'm all hyped up! Shopping. Sightseeing. Kickboxing. Tiger show. Thai massages. Prostitutes. Firearm testing. Topless bars... oh wait, that's somebody else's itenarary. Crap.


In other news, I have 7 months before my passport expires. Technically, we only need to have at least 6 months on the passport to travel. So, I've decided not to do anything about it. Hope they don't kick me back.


  1. Have fun and be sure to upload lots of food pictures. :D

  2. Ha ha! Maybe Mae will let you watch a Tiger show if you take her to see the Duck show. Have lots of fun - I love BKK and you will definitely enjoy the food plus shopping.

  3. hehe... travelling to Bangkok after marriage isn't that great huh? LOL!
    have fun!

  4. LOL! James, guess who's itenary will come first? Enjoy yourselves!

  5. Trying beating "travelling to Bangkok after marriage , and with kids!" hahaha....
    Have lots of fun anyway,, can't wait to hear all your experiences!

  6. Why only guys can go for Tiger show?
    Be adventurous and bring your wife along to the show :p
    Have fun.

  7. don't kena con ah..there are 'fake' tiger shows, cost an arm, leg and bomb. also, there is the all famous chatuchak market..must go, no matter what.. i think it only opens thurs-sun. get the famous funky colourful bangkok map.. can't remember what it's called, but it's available in most bookshops (there).
    Street vendor food is super deelicious!!!! Try if you dare! HAHAHAAHAHA!
    hv many hours of fun!!!!!

  8. Have fun there, and bring back pictures and Jesse!!!

  9. It's gonna be hot. Drink more coconut. Take care of your wallet while you are at Chak-Tu-Chak.

  10. Jason, too busy eating lah!
    Eating is great, Boo!
    Egghead, Well... :lol:
    How true, Mumsgather!
    Oh, we have plenty, Chiwi.
    Jee, Mae went for the Tiger Show without me. :lol:
    I did better, KY. I ate loads on your behalf! Hahahah.
    My stomach is made of steel, MOTT!
    Indeed, SillyPat. Wait for it!
    Good coconuts, Gina! Thanks.