Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Mama's Boy

poster boy for pizza parlors

Last week was Mother's Day and so Jesse brought Mommy to Italiannie's for some pizza and pasta. Pizza is Mae's favourite food, and evidently, also Jesse's.

The boy is at that stage in his life when mealtimes are like death sentences to him. He'll be kicking up a shitstorm and wailing his head off at the thought of having to eat real human food. At least that what Mae tells me. Apparently, Mommy and Kakak have been cooking the boy his food and he's been refusing to eat. But come Mother's Day at Italiannie's and the boy is stuffing his face with pizza.

I'm thinking maybe Mommy's cooking sucks eggs. Heh.


  1. Yes, pizzas should be eaten with hands/fingers, not fork and knife. :)
    Been too busy with work lately?

  2. If I were May, I'd end up feeding him pizza everyday! :P

  3. Hi James, I don't have kids but I babysit my brother & sister (half-siblings) since they were babies. My brother is a fussy eater when he was a toddler. Children need fun (instead of feeling like a death sentence!*chuckle*) & be attracted to the food they eat. That doesn't mean you have to dress up like clown & entertain them (though on second thought, that might work :-p )
    I assume that pizza is colourful. That's why kids like it. My brother liked certain vegetables because of their shapes. He refused to eat noodles so I taught him how to slurp instead. He enjoyed it eversince. Kids are allowed to be messy too when they eat. Unless you go out & well-dressed, put them in some not-so-clean clothes & let them get messy. Instill some stories too when they get older. :-)

  4. Hey.. James,
    Chloe is still at this stage.. where she doesn't wanna eat anything..! everything is "yuks" to her.. and she only wants her corns..!

  5. I am guessing is the choice of food ler... dun think Jesse will reject McD or KFC as much as home-cook food :P

  6. what joy for mae now... !! no need to cook for jesse whenver you go out. just eat pizza!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahaha! when go out, how can eat home-cooked food one??? FRIES FRIES FRIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Pizza is a kid's best friend.
    I think it's the colors, the taste and the shape.
    Mostly the colors and the shape.
    Maybe you could try making pizza-shaped home-cooked food?
    My little sister was fooled by it.
    Finished-up all her triangular carrots :)

  8. what are goofy pills?

  9. ey good to see u back...
    i sure hope mae doesn't read the last sentence... kihkihkih!

  10. Indeed Jason. It's proper etiquette to eat pizza with your fingers. :) And yes, work is overwhelming.
    I'd feed him Pizza everyday if the wife was not around, Mumsgather! :lol:
    Good job, Lisa. You're off to a good start!
    Hahh, I bet Jesse would say "yuks" if he could say anything, MamaBok.
    I think you're right Eggy. The kids are too clever.
    Hahah... true, true, MOTT! The boy loves fries.
    Good idea, Maverix. I will try this.
    Eve, you're suppose to try to figure that one out. ;)
    Or she might punish me by never cooking again, D.Goddess? Heh.