Monday, May 15, 2006

New Toy

boys nite out

I'm back! And I brought my new toy, a spanking new Nokia 6280. It's a great little phone with all the nifty features. A 2 MegaPixel camera, 3G, MP3 player, the works! This means I should to be showing more picture on this blog.

This shot of Jesse and his cousin Joshua-boy was taken at Tesco a couple of weeks back. That's Jesse's dopey haircut. For some reason, his hair takes forever to grow. So I guess he'll be looking like this for awhile. Poor kid.

That's it. I'm done showing off. See you tomorrow.


  1. Jesse's new hair style is .... ugly.

  2. It's not so bad now lar, it was worse when it was newly cut..

  3. Eeep...
    So funny one, But still cute!

  4. is he sneezing or his face is memang like that?

  5. *piak* Jason!!!
    Stevo: It's taking forever to grow. *sigh*
    "Eep" says it all, Silly Pat.
    Hahahh... that's his "smiling" face, MOTT.

  6. slow growing hair is good ler (especially for boy)... at least you save on barber's money and he don't have to sweat a lot :P

  7. Aw Jesse looks just like daddy...especially with the new haircut. :lol: