Monday, May 22, 2006

Easy-Peasy Pizza

Hey kiddies! Today, we learn how to make your very own pizza in a toaster oven. And you thought that toaster oven your Auntie Margaret gave you last Christmas was a piece of crap.

This is the Cheater's version, of course but it taste pretty good anyhoo. And when you're done you'll feel like the king of the world. Your parents will revere your culinary prowess. Men will worship the ground you walk on. Women will want to bear your children. And children will wish they came out of your loins!

Three items are essential for making pizza - the base, the sauce and the cheese. I use a Wholemeal Pita for the base. The shape is perfect and since it's pretty much bread, it'll cook easily. Buy these at Giant, or Tesco or any good hypermarket. For the sauce, buy one of those Spaghetti sauces in a jar. Since it's not sour or salty enough for pizza, you'll need to add tomato puree and a dash of salt. Everything else is just ingredient. For yesterday's dinner, I sliced up some sausages and browned them in a frying pan - don't hope for your toaster over to cook this. Lightly fry it first.

Add some tomatoes too. Dice them up and fry them in a pan. Same principle; the toaster oven just isn't gonna be able to cook this. Anyway I'd have preferred to slice them and sun-dry them but it was late and I was hungry. Heh! Next, you'll need cheese and it's gotta be Mozzarella for that rubbery, gooey texture. No two ways about it. Mozzarella. If you try my recipe with Cheddar or those sliced cheeses, I'll come there and smack you. Smear you sauce evenly on the base, scoop in your tomatoes and sprinkle on the Mozzarella generously.

Toast it in the oven for 5-ish minutes and you're all done. Feed it to your kid and watch him enjoy it. For yourself, sprinkle some McCormack's Pizza Seasoning and think of me fondly for showing you how to do this. *ahaks* Here's a recap of what you need:
One Toaster Oven
Some Wholemeal Pita
A Jar of Spaghetti Sauce
A Can of Tomato Puree
A Dash of Salt
Tomatoes, Diced and Fried
Sausages, Sliced and Browned
Mozzarella Cheese
There are some rules. One, use ONLY Mozzarella. Two, NEVER, ever, never use Tomato Sauce cos it's sweet and your pizza will taste stupid. Three, lightly cook your ingredients cos a toaster oven just doesn't get hot enough!

There. It even looks like a real pizza. Someone please pat me on the back, dammit! :)


  1. *pats*
    Can I have a slice to verify whether its taste good or not.

  2. yummeee!
    i used chedder. i love chedder.
    so spank me.
    what is the name of the cheese that smells like baby puke?

  3. hi, my first time commenting here although i've been following your blog for quite some time.
    this post really makes me wanna get a 'crappy' toaster oven too, haha. and i don't mind eating that everyday since it looks better than the rm7 'pizza' sold in my campus canteen.
    unfortunately, i'm staying in the hostel with no proper kitchen..sigh.
    anyway, great recipe. but i'll sure be more generous with the mozzarella though, hehe.

  4. hmmm... hard to judge about the taste though... the looks of it is good... kindly deliver one to my home pls :P

  5. Aiyooo! You so clever! I was just thinking about what else I can cook with my over toaster apart from wrapping fish/chicken seasoned with whatever flavour of the day, wrapping up in aluminium foil and toasting for 10 minutes. Its not crappy at all, the toaster, its a time saving device!

  6. *pat pat*
    Okay... if no oven or toaster then how ar? Microwave cut it?

  7. Hainanese can really cook eh? Hahaha! The pizza looks delicious!

  8. hm, looks like the kid's gonna be having pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the next 15 yrs or so..

  9. James try this version of pizza ;)
    1. Toaster Oven
    2. Gardenia Bread
    3. Can of Chillie Tuna
    4. Can of Cubed Pineapple
    5. Can of Button Mushroom
    6. Mozzerela Cheese
    7. Tomato Puree
    8. Chillie Sauce (DONT SMACK ME!)
    9. Chillie Powder
    How to make ?
    Drain the oil from the chillie tuna, you can either cut the chillies or throw them away.
    Cut the pineapple into bite sizes
    Cut the Mushrooms into halfs
    Heat the non-stick pan, and heat the Tuna up , after about a minute or so , add the mushrooms stir it for a minute or two (dont let it burn ok) and then add in a dash of chillie powder
    Finally add a lil salt to taste
    How to make the pizza?
    Take a slice of Gardenia bread
    Spread the tomato puree and chillie sauce evenly
    Sprinkle a little bit of the cheese
    Next add the Tuna with Button Mushrooms spread it evenly again..
    Top that up with generous amount of pineapple
    Sprinkle lots of cheese on the top
    Bake in the toaster oven until you see the Cheese meltin and turning light brown.
    Walaa you a perfect pizza :D
    Best eaten : ANYTIME OF THE DAY !
    hehehe hope you enjoy my version of pizza :D

  10. Aye *pat pat*
    Why so cheap wan? Buy real pepperoni lah! Don't forget your mushrooms, and olives to stay heart healthy. Also substitute meat for baby spinach and sprinkle some garlic and clams! You can do seafood pizza too. I think you can use other types of cheese than mozzarella, otherwise why would they say "THREE CHEESE PIZZA"? What are the other two? More mozzarella is it? Hahaha ... a common favorite is Monterey Jack combined with parmigianno reggiano (not parmesan cheese, it's the actual imported from Italy cheese) combined with ricotta cheese. Mmm cheese ... I love cheese. That's my 4 Cs, not cash, car, career and condo but Cheese, Caviar, Chicken and CharKueyTeow. Ahahaha
    Elaine ... baby puke??? Um could be bleu cheese? If you want to try something stinky you should warm some camembert in the microwave, then it tastes like cat piss (even though I've never really tasted cat piss ...)

  11. Ah ha! The ever versatile toaster oven! I love it to bits! I actually do a mean Char Siew in it. Of course, it's only for 1-2 persons only la...but it comes off so tender, it'll melt in your mouth!
    My tyke loves it when I use it to grill fish... the cheater kok way. HAHAH! FAST AND EASY!

  12. Hey James. I've been reading this blog since.. hmm Jesse was a teeny tiny lad but never bothered to comment heh heh. But here's a story.
    After reading the pizza post I rushed to Carrefour Alamanda and got myself the ingredients above and made me and my homies 2 pizzas :D Made it with button mushroom + capsicum + Ayamas's premier sausage (with mushroom bits) toppings. Used Heinz's spaghetti sauce (sour and salty enough) & Perfect Italiano's "Pizza Plus" cheese instead - had mozarella + cheddar + parmesan. Costs the same as the Light Mozarella. Used the pita bread and McCormick's Pizza sprinkles too.
    Ooh La La the taste. Me likey! Am making more pizzas after this ^_^

  13. Thanks for the back-pats, ppl! :lol: Make sure you try the recipe.
    DIY, Jason! That's what the recipe is for. :lol:
    Ugh, Elaine! Cheddar just doesn't have the stretchy elasticity of Mozzarella. To me Parmesan smells like baby puke.
    Thanks for finally saying something Nyx. :) Yes, get an oven toaster. BTW, if you're gonna be using only an oven toaster, you might wanna toast some of the toppings first.
    Come over and eat lah, Eggy!
    Chicken takes forever, Mumsgather. I have no patience.
    Only if your Microwave Oven can bake and toast, Sue.
    Gina: Taste also not bad wei!
    Stevo, that's not necessarily a bad thing.
    *piak* deepsy for trying to steal my thunder!
    Go make a few, Maverix. :)
    Gwen, I dun usually have peperoni in the fridge. Perhaps it's time I stocked some. :lol:
    Give lah the char siew recipe, MOTT!
    Thanks for dropping by Ijarinz. And glad your pizzas turned out nicely. :) I shall lookout for this Pizza Plus cheese... yumm~

  14. looks enticing, but i would rather not use the ayam brand tomatoes. doesn't really goes well with the other ingredients. maybe a blender and fresh tomatoes would do it...
    but looks good...! pats...

  15. I'm so gonna try it! I didn't know about making pizzas this way. So it's basically cooking all the ingredients and then place it on bread/pita and then bake with mozzarella on top! Yummmm!

  16. with such culinary skill (from the way you started the post), I thought you would have made the pizza dough from scratch..
    I was waiting for the dough recipe.

  17. *pats back*
    i am hungry now....damn you uncle

  18. Perhaps you're right, Simon. But I prefer it finely chopped rather than blended! :)
    You can do plenty with Mozzarella, Primrose.
    Zara's Mama: Ugh, I have no patience to wait for dough to rise. :)
    Go make a pizza then, Leo! :P

  19. Char Siew Recipe..
    1 lovely lean pork fillet (Mui Yoke)
    1 tsp salt
    4 tbs sugar
    2 tbs light soya sauce
    1 tbs dark soya sauce
    1 1/2 tbs rice wine
    1/2 tsp 5 spice powder
    3 tbs tim cheong (hoisin sauce)
    3 tbs water
    Actually, you can hantam the qty if you think you are "iron chef" enough..
    Marinate the baby for about 3-4 hrs. Place baby with sauce in a aluminium tinfoil and into the toaster oven. I'm not sure how big is your oven but I simply whack and put between 10-15 min. Usually it comes out fine. Mine is a fairly small one. SO very intense heat.
    Then take out the lovely pork fm foil and to crisp the outer layer, put it back into the oven and whack another few minutes, brush over with it's seasoning now and then, turning it as well.. until you see it getting nicely charred.
    Take out, slice with sharpest knife available. EAT!
    Most time I simply whack it in..and it'll come out like heaven...So, GOOD LUCK!
    Also got bbq spare ribs wants?

  20. AIKS! Pls close up the alum foil, or else the outer layer will burn up.

  21. O mastah, I now worship thee.

  22. Thanks MOTT! I will try this out.
    I am not worthy, Suanie. :lol:

  23. Hi there!
    I have always loved homemade pizzas and didn't know the shortcuts until I read ur entry! I tried my hand at it today and gosh, it sure was easy, and tasty as I had my favourite ingredients in it! Ok la, I admit being thick-skinned here praising my own pizza... Heehee, thanks so much! ;p