Friday, May 26, 2006

Water Baby

Jesse loves water.

Which is fine, except that he's recently discovered that there's water to be found in the toilet bowl. Every morning, he'd wander into the john just to pull at the flush. This is fine, really. There's nothing cuter than a little boy flushing away mommy's poo-poo.

And then one day the temptation gets the better of him. He dips his hand in.

Even that I can handle. Really.

And then one day, the boy decides it might be fun to splash water around with Daddy's toothbrush.

And even that, I can handle. Except that Mommy thinks it's funny.

Now, I'm trying to convince him that Mommy's got a cooler toothbrush than Daddy.


  1. LOL. You evil daddy!!!
    Haha... Naughty Jesse! Play with toilet bowl's water.

  2. this will probably be a good time to toilet train him.
    1) Throw in ping pong balls into toilet bowl
    2) Ask Jesse to aim and pee away!
    3) F-L-U-S-H !
    Regardless of hits, it's still a success because he peed IN the toilet!

  3. Ooooo... daddy's E.V.I.L
    Just make sure he doesn't put the cup in and think it's drinking water next.

  4. LOL! May is going to think - hmmm, how come the toothbrush smells funny.

  5. ... *falls off chair*
    Make sure he doesn't wet the area around and accidentally slip and crack his head open!!! This is the reason why toilet seat locks were made. Aiyah I'm too careful, what's a few cracks in the skull huh? Heh heh ...
    At least he hasn't learned how to put toilet paper in the toilet and flush it.

  6. probably one day Jesse would suggest to have his meal next using "that bowl" instead! LOL!

  7. what? no pix of him in action?

  8. LOL why la u like to play games like that. tsk tsk. Poor Jesse the Tennis Ball.

  9. LOL.
    Oh man, I don't think I can ever stand it. Don't think I'll let my son go easy if he ever does that

  10. ewww... whats next? drinking from the big bowl? I dont think I want to know...

  11. There's nothing like being able to dip your hand in the toilet bowl and throw everything you can lay your hands on into it. My little has just discovered the toilet bowl too. You wouldn't believe the stuff I find in there. If anything's missing in the house, first place I look is the toilet bowl. :-)

  12. Nah, J-mumbles, Mae is more evil than me by far.
    Ewww... who's gonna deal with the Ping Pong ball after, MOTT??!
    Primrose, I'm thinking that should happen soon.
    Smell funny or taste funny, Boo? :lol:
    Yes, he's learnt to flush the paper in, Gwen.
    Might help with his appetite, though, Eggy!
    Go ahead, Silly Pat, laugh at my misery now, won't you. :P
    Hahahh...Good plan, Mei!
    Bet you won't be laughing if it's your toothbrush, Kev!! :lol:
    Papi: :)
    Tennis balls have the most fun, Jayelle!
    What would you do, P? Flush him down the toilet?
    No you dun, Ashpat.
    Oh no, Revlon!!! :lol:

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