Monday, June 26, 2006

Shoes Blues

Jesse is growing out of his shoes faster than we can buy them. At his age, we reckon he needs new footwear every 6 months or less. As if that isn't problematic enough, the boy has developed a taste of his own.

These days, he pretty much decides what he lets us put on his feet. Fortunately for us (and himself), he's got pretty good taste.

On an outing at our favourite hypermarket, Giant, we decide that our kid is not below wearing cheapo shoes. And so we pick out a couple of bargains - one is a reasonably tasteful pair of faux-leather sandals, and the other are plastic Spiderman flip-flops which look as cheap as they costs. Heh.

He loves the faux-leather sandal so much that he's worn it to sleep on several occasions. Now, as for Spidey, every time we try to slip it on his feet he'll scream his head off and violently kick them off.

Last night we took him footwear shopping at Treehouse (which, by the way, has some of the coolest kiddie footwear around). Every single pair of shoes we attempted to put on his feet would have him screeching like a banshee. It was a nightmare.

You know how you sometimes go to the mall and see some kid screeching at the top of his lung, behaving like a real brat and you secretly thank God that it's not your kid? And then you shake your head and wonder what dumbass parents brought up such a kid? That would be us. *sigh*

I'm considering tossing him into the jungle and letting wolves raise him. I hear they do a pretty good job. Then again, I suppose it's cos they dun have footwear to worry about.


  1. don't tell me... all these picky shoes stuff are from Mae :P

  2. Can you find forests with wolves in KL? :P

  3. The kid you hear screaming at the mall could have been mine as well. Hehe. Same thing happened when we tried on shoes for our little one. He simply refused to let us put them on for him. At home though he became a different monster, screaming to have them put on!

  4. hehehe but i think he doesnt like bright coloured shoes hes more of the natural coloured guy ;p hey this is my jesse we're talking about here

  5. What? He didn't pick out pink shoes?

  6. yar..thot his fav colour was pink!?
    how abt sandals?

  7. That was YOUR kid?

  8. I thought the dumbass parents look familiar...aisey man. I think it's the parents that ought to be thrown to the wolves la...LOL

  9. Ok, Egghead, I won't tell you. :lol:
    Plenty of Colour Wolves, though, Jason.
    *sigh* I know Mumsgather. What's with the screaming anyway!?
    Ah, he's yours eh, Visithra. Pls come and pick him up. :lol:
    Stevo: Thank god he didn't!
    It's now brown, MOTT!
    Yup, that is, until your kid gets born, Bonnie. Hehhehh....
    *piak* Anjali!!!!