Thursday, June 15, 2006


On Monday I caught the flu.

Since I hardly ever catch anything, I decided to spring for the full and complete package. Along with my basic subscription of the Flu, I also got a classic case of the Runny Nose, a dizzying, head-spinning Fever and a standard spell of Sore Throat. To seal the deal, I also decided on a one-time offer of an everlasting Cough .

Since it was such a comprehensive package, I decided to go for the Double Whammy Honeymoon Set so that Mae too can enjoy my momentous catch. Quickly enough, both of us were lying in bed enjoying my Flu.

I was about to upgrade to the Family Package to include Jesse when Mae decided that perhaps he was too young for such excitement. There had been several occasions when the boy had caught his very own Flu. Having proven himself capable of getting his own Flu, we decided to exclude him this time around. So while Mae and I are experiencing our Flu package in the comfort of our own home, we sent Jesse away to his grandmother's, and he's been there since Monday.


Mae's gone to see him cos she's all better. But me, I'm still sick like a dog. I miss my boy. *sniff*


  1. Get well soon, Uncle James!
    And woot, first comment? :p

  2. Awww... Take care, Uncle James.

  3. Are you sure you are not suffering from a bout of the football fever that's been going around?

  4. Such a considerate daddy who wants to upgrade the flu package to family package. Luckily Mae is more sensible.. :P
    Btw, I think you have upgraded the package to national package already, b'cos I got the flu and cough as well.. Probably enjoying the package you opened up for all... *sigh*

  5. As barney puts it "Keep your germs to yourself..." Have a speedy recovery!

  6. hahaha...that's a package im willing not to take, no matter how lucrative it is.

  7. there, there.
    watch soccer. go sleep. wake up. scream for food. watch soccer.
    it's the fever la. world cup fever.

  8. Yeah, me got cough bug too. been 4 weeks liao! damn. btw, you have been tagged the Lin Dynasty curse! muahahahahar!

  9. Haha! Get well soon, lousy daddy!! Haha!!

  10. ohh poor thing, get well soon and happy father's day!!!

  11. I like the sense of humour. Get well soon!

  12. I sense trickery in the this family package flu thingy. Just an excuse to hav the love nest all to thyselves perhaps? ain't Danielle just abt the cutest little sister Joshua has?

  13. Awww, you poor thing.
    Nothing's worse than a sick man.
    For the man, and the woman by his side. Hehehe.
    Hope you get better soon and my best wishes to little Jesse as he gets smothered in his daddy's I-Missed-You-So-Much reunion :)

  14. Err...the blogging activity oso got quarantined, is it? For how long samore ah?

  15. Thanks for the well wishes. I'm fine now - except for a little cough that's still bugging me once awhile.
    First comment on this post gets a special prize of a 1-year subscription of flu, Sillypat. Where shall I send it?
    Thanks Jason!
    TKChow: I hardly catch football fever. :)
    Hope your flu's all gone Zara's Mama.
    Thanks DG.
    Ugh, Michelle! Barney?!?!
    Oh dun worry, Leo, I'm sure it'll come to you sometime.
    The wife watches more Football than I do lah, MOTT!
    Buaya: Oits!!! Whyyyyyy?!?!?!??!?!?! Nooooooo!!!! I will have to get around to it lah.
    *dush* Gina!
    Thanks Suanie. :)
    Thanks Babe.
    Thanks Amanda, come back often. No cover charge.
    Lovenest, Jeff? Ugh!
    We smothered him, we did, Maverix!
    I'm back, Anjali! :)