Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Big Little Boy

"Honey," and so begins one of Mae's late-night-can't-sleep-must-talk sessions. Getting almost no response from her near-comatoes husband, she decides to gun for the punchline. "I think Jesse is bigger than other boys his age," carefully emphasising "bigger", almost outlining, if that were possible, the word with her raspy late-night voice.

"Bigger how?" I had to know.

"You remember how Blunt was running around naked by the pool?" Mae reminds me of a kiddies party we had recently attended, "well, for a boy two years older, he certainly has a smaller birdy than Jesse."

I laughed. Because it was funny, and because my boy had a bigger dick than than Augie's kid. Hehheh... I'm still laughing. Still, I try not to encourage Mae. Nobody likes it when a soccer mom starts comparing their kid's... erm... underachievements.

"Maybe it's not Jesse," I rationalise, "maybe Blunt's just smaller than other kids." After all his daddy, Augie is a small-dicked man and the apple usually doesn't fall far from the tree.

Which also goes to explain why Jesse is a big little boy. *ahem*


  1. Apa ni?!!??! Self praise is no praise...
    But, still, good one. HAHAHAH...

  2. Well, Mae said Blunt was running around naked at the pool?
    Maybe you should remind Mae what cold water does to our... ahem... appendages.
    But then again, why should you? :P
    P.S. Just pray that Jesse doesn't stumble upon this post when he's 19.

  3. must be the strinkage factor having to dip in the pool lah :P
    what's Mae's comment on the size of Jesse's father? LOL!

  4. James, did we really need to know the last part?

  5. :lol: Jason, no praise needed.
    Condolences, Silly Pat. :lol:
    I pray that he does, Zemien. Hahhah.
    Shrinkage factor eh, Egghead. I like the word.
    :lol: Yes, Jacky, I was being crass. You know what they say about inadequate men always needing to reaffirm themselves.... Hehehhh!

  6. If that's true ... walau ... when Stewie was in the womb and we saw his dingdong for the first time, it was huge! Good lah, because his daddy is also ler.

  7. Hey.. it may be the genes from Mae's family.
    But it's funny why Mae is so observant in 'THAT' respect..

  8. My God man ... update faster LAH!

  9. totally didn't see it coming!! angkat kaki sendiri!!! :D

  10. So.. Jesse has a bigger birdie.. But he likes pink and hello kitty? Quite a disturbing thought.

  11. I agree with Zara's momma
    Mae might not have any idea of what her side of the family is "endowed" with.. she has only you for comparison.. no? :o
    That's why we'd need Mae's input to verify whether you were the influencing appendage factor or or it's from her side..
    but of course if you shared.. it'd be too much information for us... hahhaha.. best to leave innuendos as innuendos.. ROFL

  12. "After all his daddy, Augie is a small-dicked man and the apple usually doesn't fall far from the tree." er.... how is it that you come to know that Augie has it small ?? hm.... disturbing!v :p

  13. Stop trying to steal my thunder, Gwen!
    :lol: Zara's Mama, Mae is a pervert lah.
    Yah, Jayelle, somemore "kaki ketiga". MUahahah!
    Stop it, Gina.
    Yes Paulos, better stop while you're ahead.
    Erm, Chiwi, you got me there...!!!

  14. Bipods and tripods.. is ok. as long as you're not a monopod..
    I'll leave it at that James.. truth is stranger than fiction.. as we did state before.. .*grins*