Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Weekend SMS

Two messages I got over the weekend. First one was from my father:
Don't miss Superman Returns. The new Lois Lane is gorgeous, not a dog like Margot Kidder.
And then there's Jeff:
One zero. Serves da brasil coach right. The gall of the man to suggest Pele Beautiful game was rubbish. Now he and his ugly football goes home.
Yes, yes, melodrama runs in the family.


  1. LOL! Like father like son huh?!
    Jeff's right... Brazil sux at that game! :(

  2. how come spidey gets a updated spiffy costume..but superman's one looks like I could make it for my kids?

  3. Hahahahaha! Lucky your pop didn't say - not a bitch like Margot Kidder. He is suave!

  4. you meant sense of humour, of course.

  5. And now Portugal goes home too. So what's the prediction for ITA-FRA? 2-1? Younger men needed to chase a stewpid ball for 90 mins in the hawt summer, bebeh!

  6. hi loopymeals guy..
    just wanna say that i discovered your blog sometimes back, and have been checking it out regularly cos it's just so damn funny.
    the ladies at work are hooked too, especially those who have kids themselves.
    there's just something stalkerish abt checking out a person's blog without introducing yourself, so hi. keep the goofy pills coming.

  7. No Egghead, son cleverer. Hehehhh!!!
    MOTT, you could make a spidey costume if you wanted too, I'm sure.
    Gina, bitch describes character, dog describes looks. We don't know if Margot Kidder is a bitch, but she's sure... erm... doggish.
    mm, no, I meant melodrama. Heh.
    Primrose, I'm so not a football guy I didn't even bother watching the finals.
    Thanks for visiting, Peiwei. Hi to the ladies at work too. *cak*

  8. hey...that's cruel...(of margot kidder). I thought she was pretty alright in Superman 1. They didn't have botox then all right!

  9. :lol: Z, I was googling for images of Margot Kidder when I found all these tantilising post-Superman photos of her. Hahahah.... must be her reaction to comments like my dad's!