Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Girly Shoes

these boots are made for sashaying

"NooOOoOoOoOoOoooOo!!!!" we shrieked in horror as the world came to its devastating end. It was a natural disaster like no other. As we struggled to grasp the terrifying spectacle before us, we wondered where we had gone wrong.

Our boy likes girly shoes.

Jesse had been walking funny in his spanking new discounted Baby Zaras. "He must be uncomfortable in them," Mae observed. That's Mae for you - always trying to fix things. As far as I was concerned, the boy walks funny to entertain us. But no, Mae had to do something. And so we headed to the shoe shop.

I had picked up this cute but masculine macho-boy faux-leather loafer for the boy. Mae was looking at a more sporty Nike knock-off. But alas, little Jesse had other plans. We had left the boy on this own to do his thing and it turned out to be the biggest mistake. The moment we set him loose in the shoe shop, he had set his sights on the little white Hello Kitty booties.

The whole scene played out in slo-mo like some cheap, B-grade movie starring overweight and balding has-been, Richard Grieco and the still comely but long-forgotten Heather Thomas. "NooOoooOoooooooO JeesSssSssee, noOooOottt the whiiiiiiiiiiite giiirRRrrllly shhoOoooOoooes," her voice warbled like a walkman on old batteries as she lunged in slow motion to stop him. The boy reached out, grabbed the shoe, threw it on the ground and started forcing his feet in. It was the longest 2 minutes of our lives.

We coaxed him. We reasoned with him. We even threatened to put him up for adoption in Cambodia but the boy was unfazed. It was Hello Kitty or hello barefeet. *sigh* So no, we didn't buy any shoe that weekend. Everything else that we attempted to put on his feet would have him screeching like a monkey under torture.

First he likes pink and now he likes girly shoes. I'm starting to worry a little.


  1. Hahaha!!! Must be from the dad's genes, that's why Jesse went wrong. What went wrong with you, Uncle James? :P

  2. On the other hand, I think he's learning early on what the girls like. He will use the knowledge before you can say NooooooooOOOOOOO!!! ;)

  3. *bish* Jason.
    :lol: Let's hope it's that, Pickyin!!

  4. Awww, you shouldn't discourage him la ... maybe he is just realising that these things appeal to his sensitive side. Thank God he got that from Mae :P
    Cantik ma!

  5. it's cute what... plus he will wear it out soon enough, no need to worry :D

  6. *giggle* He's attracted to colours and cartoons now. :) Maybe a superman shoe?

  7. don't worry. kids this age usually don't know how to tell yet what is feminine and masculine... and yes they usually like cartoons, cute drawings.
    btw, who was it who came up with pink for girls and blue for boys? it's nonsense to me!

  8. OMG! but threatened to be put up for adoption in Cambodia might get a hot mum like Jolie... no wonder little Jesse couldn't wait :P

  9. Just put him alongside other boys his age, and peer pressure will take care of the rest. ;)

  10. Next time take him to BATA. No chance of nice girly shoes there.... HA HA HA HA HA!!!

  11. Anything to do with his name? Maybe you shouldn't call him Jesse? Maybe he's confused?

  12. hm, maybe I can get him that cute Hello Kitty skirt to go with the booties for his b'day..

  13. Maybe he'll grow up to be the most popular designer for lady's shoes. :)

  14. Uh, already in touch with his feminine side. But yeah, I second Lucia. I hate the whole who girl pink boy blue thing. It's so difficult to shop for my friends' babies due to that preconception.
    But then, that shoe does look a tad too girly. Heh.

  15. Hellooo...if my memory serves, you were still wearing pink tees/shirts in yr late 20s!!! The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

  16. Sensitive side, Gwen? Ugh!
    I doubt too many Metrosexuals go for Hello Kitty, Swifty!
    No Suanie, I will not encourage this. :lol:
    What colors, Primrose, the shoe is practically colorless! :)
    Whoever did, it's working, Lucia.
    Can't argue with logic like that, Egghead.
    Good strategy, Sashi. You sure you're not secretly married or something?
    He might just go for Marie Claire or something, MOTT.
    Why would he be confused, Dancing Queen? Jesse is a perfectly respectable male name. :P
    Stevo: Dun even think about it...
    Here's hoping, Amanda. :)
    It does, Lisa.
    Pleaselah, Bonnie, I never had anything in pink. Makes my complexion look pukey green.