Monday, July 24, 2006


Apparently, the fear of the numbers 666 is so vivid that someone actually came out with a name for the condition. Actually, this phobia isn't just confined to the number of the beast, but also to all stuff related to the Book of Revelation - Satan, End Times, Anti-Christ, Lake of Fire, bla bla bla.

Me, I'm more afraid of a time when I actually have to spell Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia!

But there it is anyway. Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia. And you thought you'd never learn anything coming in here, did you now?

Oh, btw, if this feels like a filler post to you, you're probably right. I haven't been blogging very much lately cos I have been working my butt off. But you'll be pleased to know that in the course of my work, I have been thinking about you, dear reader. (Heh, I always wanted to call you fellas 'dear reader'!!) I stumbled upon the word in the midst of doing some research and decided to blog it, just for you. Heh!

Anyway, some announcements: This week, Mae and I celebrate our 4th Anniversary. If you guess the exact date of our anniversary, we'll bring you along on our romantic dinner. (Hahah!) In other news, a nice pharmaceutical company stumbled upon my blog and decided to let Jesse sample some kiddy supplements - a review, if you like. If the boy likes it, I'll give it a glowing review. If it makes the boy eat like a normal human being, I will quit my job and peddle the product like a roadside medicine show with kungfu demonstrations where passersby will be invited to step up to kick me in the groin or something like that. How's that for commitment?

In the meantime, be well and have a happy Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia.


  1. Hey James, just wanna let you know that I just stumbled upon your site from 5xMom's and I enjoy this blog *a lot*. By a lot, I mean, reading it backwards to the first post. :) Keep up the good work, and blog more often! I love your sense of humour, and it makes me laugh no matter how sucky my day has been. :D

  2. hexokosio... hexo what? wah! this must be the longest work in the english language? the longest i know of earlier was this supercali.... something from julie andrew's mary poppins.
    let me be the first to wish you and mae happy anniversary, james. wild guess - 28 july? so what are your plans to celebrate your anniversary? (beside the romantic dinner).

  3. Some pharmaceutical company wants Jesse as a guinea pig? Cool!

  4. I think I would rather be kicked in the groin than spelling out the word hexa#%^$@#$(*##!! LOL!
    Happy Anniversary to both you and Mae!

  5. Err.. I am totally against any pharmaceutical company who tried to make kids eat and have an ample appetite. Look at what they did to me??!!!

  6. Happy 4th Anniversary to you guys. So what are you planning to get for Mae? Pharmaceutical samples? Hehehe.

  7. happy anniversary!!! wishing you more to come ;-)

  8. Hemmmm .... July 27!!!
    Take me to eat sashimi please k thx.
    I 4m t3h l337 h4XX0r

  9. Forgot to add Congratulations!!! You are now married for a year longer than I have been, but I'm still way younger than you.
    *curis all your underwear*

  10. yeah, you definitely owe your readers a lot of posts ... especially posts about your lil' cute son. I feel like as a loyal reader of your blog, I get to know your son better when he was in Mae's stomach. Now that he is out here being curious to know the world, his daddy is sharing lesser about his adventures.
    Anyhow ... I know you'll keep us posted. Happy 4th anni and may you have more anniversaries to come, and another baby girl on her way ...

  11. Can't remember when the date was..
    but what I most remember is.. we've got all the PA set up.. wires and cables ready.. then.. *BRROOOOMMMM!!!*.. and Ivan and I scurried like the huge rats that we are to get the equipment indoors.. plus.. trying to set up the sound indoors for the backup plan.. still was an awesome wedding..
    13th July?

  12. Oh gawd! That's one HELL of a long word! In the month of the ghost too! 2 months of it, to be exact. Eww!

  13. Welcome to the Brain Drain, SillyPat!
    Thanks Luxferi, that made my day.
    Very close, Lucia. :)
    Stevo, it's a dirty job and Jesse's just the boy for it. :lol:
    Come, Eggy, free kicks abound!
    :lol: Gina!!!
    Damn Mumsgather, I should have consulted you sooner.
    Thanks BabeKL!
    Yes Gwen, you pwned me. I'll have some Sashimi on your behalf. Leave my undies alone.
    You got me there, Greenapple. I've been slacking. :D
    Yeah man Paulos!!!! You guys were the best.
    2 months, Primrose? *sigh*

  14. Glad to see you are still writing and blogging, james. have thrown in the towel for zsarina, am afraid. Anyway - only the fourth anniversary eh? Lots more excitement ahead, ;-)

  15. I wondered where you had gone, Z. And you didn't even leave your stuff online somewhere for us to revisit! :(