Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Two-Gun Jesse

do ya feel lucky, punk?

I was going through my backpack some weeks ago when I stumbled upon this little sketch I did way back before Jesse was born - specifically on 17th July 2004 - about a month before Jesse came about. I know because that's the date on the Church bulletin I sketched in on. *ahem* Okay, okay, sometime I drift away into my own world during the Pastor's sermon.

At the time, I was still bothered by how few people seemed to know that Jesse was in fact a boy's name. I figured I would take drastic action to "re-brand" Jesse. And thus, Two-Gun Jesse was born. (The name, BTW, was inspired by a slew of western comics I read as a kid - Two-Gun Kid, Billy the Kid, Jesse James, etc)

Two-Gun Jesse would be an illustrated web book, which will gain popularity over the internet to a point of getting international syndication for Saturday morning cartoons, and a sweet merchandising deal, rendering upon its creator untold riches in royalty payments and license fees. Bwahahaha!

The story would revolve around an imaginative little boy who wished he were a gunslinger like the legendary Jesse James. Think Calvin & Hobbes, but with gunshot blood spatter and grievious head wounds.

And by the time I'm done, the world would finally acknowledge that Jesse is very much a little boy's name, and a masculine one at that!

Then, lo and behold, Jesse was born and suddenly it didn't seem to matter so much anymore what anybody thought of his name. And so I stuffed this little drawing into the bottomless pits of my backpack.

Perhaps someday, Two-Gun Jesse would ride again. Who knows.


  1. Hear ya! I say bring it on, Two-Gun Jesse. And it's a great drawing.

  2. cool creation!
    why didn't you think of Clint? or Eastwood then? :P

  3. Golden Skrin Blog-Cinemas Presents:
    Jesse Tan in and as...
    Also starring:
    Mae as Ma Baker.
    James as Pops.
    and Tonto the Horse as himself...

  4. So cute!
    That said, you found a two-year old drawing in your backpack?! When was the last time you cleaned it out?
    I think the name Jesse is now quite well-known as a boy's name, thanks to the super delectable Jesse 'Desperate Housewives' Metcalfe. Can you do something with, say, Leslie? Or even Hilary (believe me, it's also a man's name)?

  5. Hahaha. Nice drawing. You should incorporate it somewhere in your blog, like on the banner or background or something.

  6. I agree with Mumsgather. Rather than putting Bob the Builder here. These people just don't know how to appreciate free publicity!

  7. do u notice that your comic somehow has resemblance to your boy?

  8. yeah domestic goddess has a point - it does look like jesse
    and wow lovely drawing - u can really sketch - n yeah u should use it for ur blog design

  9. got guns at home now? 2?
    quick! go for no.2 before he grows up and mae gets tooooooooo lazy to burn up the oven!

  10. wow fabulous drawing!
    jesse's burpday coming up in 2 days time!!! cant wait to see what cake you've ordered for him, so what character does the sugar gum paste will be molded after? :p

  11. Amazing drawing! If only I can draw like that...
    Just don't care about what other people think about whether this is a girl or boy's name. They're the ignorant one.

  12. Wow, you can draw?? Hehe! Can you sketch something cute for me for my blog template too?? It's soooo cute.

  13. Damn nice sketch there, daddy-O! :)

  14. Thanks, Lisa!
    Well Eggy, his name IS Jesse, y'know... :)
    :lol: That gives me a brainwave, Sashi...
    What's this "Clean" I keep hearing, Jay? :lol:
    Good plan, Mumsgather. Was thinking of revisiting the template since I've upgraded to the new Blogger.
    Hahha... Maybe with international syndication I will unseat Bob the Builder and Barney, Gina.
    :lol: DG/Visithra, surely that's just your eyes playing tricks on you.
    Too late, MOTT!
    Thanks Babe! Nah we copped out and got him a free cake!
    Thanks for the support Luxferi.
    Eeeeks Primrose! You'll have awhile to wait if you want something.
    Thankies, Anjali-o!