Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Piece Of Cake

looks good enough to eat

Last weekend was Baby Danielle's birthday. She's my sis Sue's, second kid - little Joshua's baby sister.

The photo, as you can plainly see, is not a cake but the stuff we salvaged off the cake. The little sugar princess was the centerpiece, while the little face thingies came on individual cupcakes. It was made by a clever lady who makes them out of her home in Bandar Utama under the brandname "Piece of Cake".

Is that a clever name or what? Man, if I ever went into the cake business, I'd want a clever name like that. Like, "Y'wanna Piece of Me?", or if the cakes turn out really badly, then "Piece of Shit". Hahahahah!

Anyway, it looks like this post is turning out to be more about the cake than the birthday girl. That's my fault for not getting a good shot of the little girl. *sigh* I forgot my camera. (Go see her at Jeff's.) It's also Sue's fault for buying such an outstanding cake that I just have to talk about.

The cake's pretty pricey - 2kgs plus 20 cupcakes for almost RM400! But well worth it considering the amount of work that must have gone into it. Apparently, Piece of Cake doesn't just supply kiddie cakes. My sis tells me they have adult-themed cakes too. Heh.

But damn, 400 bucks?! We'd buy one for Jesse's 2nd birthday next week, but I'm not sure we love him that much. Hahahahahah! Ahh, the pressures of parenthood.

Note to Angsty Grown-up Jesse: Don't be silly, boy, of course we love you! We put up with you all this while didn't we?


  1. lol.. Happy Birthday Jesse!

  2. omg RM400!!! FOR BIRTHDAY CAKE!!!!!!!!!!
    I spend RM40 also have to think twice haha cos it's not beer :P

  3. RM400 for a cake? Gosh... Kids nowadays are sure damn spoilt.
    My most expensive cake is the one from secret recipe only.

  4. must be quite a cake! is it delicious? :P
    good luck in planning a party without a cake! LOL!

  5. wow so expensive - id go for an expensive gift and a least expensive cake - get the ice cream one - kids will love it ;p
    man has it been 2 years already ;))
    u were one of the first few blogs i read - and mae was preggies with jesse ;) i remember jumping in joy silently in my seat when i found out he was born ;) sob ;p

  6. there's another one..if you wanna compare prices, at IKANO, lower grd floor, a pushcart called Sweet Temptations, near Uncle Lim's Coffeeshop. Cupcakes start at RM3.50 (with deco), RM1.50 plain. Min. order 24. Hahahaha....see my NO.2's blog on bday party for pictures!
    They can do the "Lightning Mcqueen" or "Elmo".. I think it's about RM200, though.
    So freaking expensive man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Happy bday lil man!!!!!!!!!

  7. Or you can ask Jay to help with the cupcakes. Hahahha. I love Jay!
    Happy birthday Jesse! This Saturday, ain't it? A virgo man.

  8. All the cakes I had since I was born til now don't cost 400 bucks. And I been born a long time too!

  9. my!!! RM400! I can buy 10 years worth of birthday cakes LOL!

  10. lucky gal there! my boiboi asked me for lightning mcqueen and mater gum paste character cake but it will cost me from rm150 onwards!!! sorrylah that's a lot to spent on cake... so i improvised and made one instead hahaha

  11. Thanks, Kat!
    Suanie, I'd be most glad to buy the boy a jug but methinks the wife will chop me up into little pieces.
    Wah, damn spoilt lah you Jason. My cakes come from the pasar malam... :lol:
    It was actually quite good, Egghead.
    Times flies when you're having fun, eh, Visithra.
    Danielle's cupcakes cost her mommy RM8 a pop, MOTT!
    Who in the world is Jay, Gina?
    Stevo: maybe nobody likes you. Hahahah!!!!
    DomesticGoddess: Which decade wor? :)
    You're too clever Babe! :) Good job/

  12. Nice cake, James. Any contact details? I'm looking around for a customised cake for a hen party.