Tuesday, August 1, 2006

On A Need-to-Gnaw Basis

Apparently, children grow teeth only when they need to use them. At least that what Stepmom tells me.

For the longest time, Jesse's had only 8 teeth. While other kids his age have been getting some serious oral hardware months ago, our boy's only got his 4-up and 4-down. Sure, incisors are lovely to look at, but they don't exactly do much except make the kid look less dopey. Heh. Other than that, it's really just good enough to bite through his baby biscuits and maybe cut a couple of Pringles here and there.

Still, in the last couple of months Jesse's entry-level teeth combo have been put to good use, chewing up Roti Canai and fish fillets, biting off chewy candy and gooey-cheese pizza, and crunching up the occasional bread stick we throw at him. And then just a couple of weeks back, lo and behold, we're seeing some new development in the boy's mouth.

Out of the blue, Jesse has developed a new set of cute little canines. And right next to them, we're witnessing the makings of a new set of pre-molars. This, I suppose, must be his body's way of preparing the kid for a whole new world of culinary experiences. We're talking steak, Char Kuey Teow, chicken drumsticks, Ramly Burger, and the works. What a glorious time it shall be for father and son as we enjoy my our favourite foods together.

So, I guess Stepmom must be right. The boy is getting ready for some serious chow-down. Either that or he's planning on gnawing at our cheap furniture.


  1. LOL! probably you should throw some bones at him... maybe he will grow some sharp vampire fangs! :P

  2. LOL, It's an evolution thing, I guess. ::

  3. *bites* *chomps* *tears* *rips* *chews*

  4. Hahaha. I just love the way you write, James. Even a boring subject like teething is full of drama and you dare call Mae, Drama Queen summore!

  5. ~_~ my boy already has his char kuey teow ... and loves it I might add! What fun you'll have feeding him even more treats.

  6. If he eats what you eat, when you eat and how you eat he's gonna be in Tubboland in no time, Son.

  7. ohh..chicken drumsticks..... yummmm.....

  8. why u tempt me with malaysian food? sniff sniff :~~(

  9. did u do the olympus ad? it "sounds" so like your style somehow.

  10. haha...I like the way you write..so drama! :D

  11. LOL, wat a fantastic writeup to cheer up on a Mon morning :)

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  13. Yeah Eggy, I always thought vampire fangs were cool!
    Must be, Silly Pat.
    Hmm... Oli...!
    I learn from the best, MG.
    I know, Gwen. Makes you wonder what's this obessession about food.
    Stevo: Thanks a lot!!!
    No MOTT, I had nothing to do with Olympus, though I wished I did.
    Poor Adriene...
    Hey, thanks but do use a nick instead of your URL, k? Makes it easier to address you.
    Thanks for saying so, Babe.
    Hey, Freddy, will give her a call then mail you, ok? :)