Tuesday, August 29, 2006


We live on the tenth floor in our apartment building. Today as Mae was leaving the house with Jesse and Roma to meet me at the office, the boy darted off to the elevator as he so often does. The lift arrives and both Jesse and Roma get in, which is all fine and good - except, for some reason, Roma decided to step off to see what's holding Mae up. Which was a pretty dumbass thing to do.

Expectedly, the lift door shuts and the lift starts descending with my poor, frightened little boy inside. I can only imagine what he must have been feeling at the time and it probably wasn't the best day in his life.

Long story short, the poor kid gets to the ground floor, steps off and wanders around our lift lobby bawling his eyes out searching for Mommy. By the time they get to my office a half hour later he was all fragile and still crying.

I cradled the boy to my chest with my left arm and comforted him. WIth my right hand I reached out to Roma and gripped my fingers around her neck. I squeezed. She writhed about struggling to breathe. Her eyes bulged out of the sockets as life ebbed from her now limp body. "That's for scaring my boy!!!!" I yelled in her face, my spittle spewing everywhere all over her white-washed expression and dark green lips.

Nah. I didn't reprimand her at all. I expect the trauma of the entire event was punishment enough.

As for Jesse, I'm not sure if I prefer him to forget all about the experience and live happily ever after, or to remember it so he never rushes to get into the lift without us. *sigh* Does that make me a bad father?


  1. Awww... Poor Jesse. Hope he would forget it soon.
    I would really like to see you do what you have written to Roma. Then when I read the papers the next day, I will know which blogger already. Haha! :P
    Come to think of it, when I was 5, I sat the wrong bus and ended up some 15km away from my kindergarten. :P

  2. Poor, poor .. Jesse..!! nah.. you are not a bad father.. sometimes.. it's hard to decide.. what is best experiences for the kid. I hope he doesn't get any nitemares though.. for the next few days..!
    Now that would be devastating..!

  3. Poor kid!! But somehow I'm not terribly surprised with Roma always in her own world.
    Look at the bright side, at least they don't play those Richard Clayderman-type elevator music..

  4. =D ah james my friend, i believe you are going through the i-might-be-annoyed-with-my-foreign-help phase that all employers undergo.

  5. I reckon its a good thing for Jesse - play it down and leave him be to remember it. push the boundaries further so he is not afriad to be alone next time. but hey, what do i know but lots of theories!

  6. what a scare! for everyone! Poor lil guy!!! But I think being a trooper he is, he'll be alright!
    I'm sure it's an honest mistake... don't be too hard on yourself or Roma..although I'm really sure you wanna smack her! HAHAAHA

  7. poor jesse - what a scare - luckily the lift at least went down -

  8. Haha..that reminds me of something I witnessed at the LRT station. A boy like Jesse, rushed into the LRT, smug as heck. His folks didn't make it. As the train moved, the boy panicked. A good samaritan promptly got him off the next stop and accompanied the boy back to the previous station. That's one lucky boy.
    It's all about upbringing I tell ya. Be extra careful next time. Can't blame everything on Roma.

  9. Argh - these are the situations how phobias are created.
    I hope it won't happen :)

  10. I suppose there's a first time for everything :)

  11. poor jesse.. i had the same experience with my 1yr+ niece.. when her older sis unexpectedly step off from the hotel lift (15th floor) to see what their mom were doing with the luggage and all.. And off she went to the ground floor which unfortunately was the back entrance of the hotel. Luckily there was a nice hotel cleaner saw her crying and bring her to the security at the hotel lobby. Her sis got a good spank from her mom tho.

  12. :lol: Jason, that must have been quite an adventure for a kindergartener!
    Nope MamaBoK, he seems to be unfazed by the whole thing. Still storming into elevators.
    Nothing worse than Richard Clayderman.
    Not entirely Jayelle. :)
    He's back to being fearless, Ms J!
    Actually I think Mommy and Roma were more scared than Jesse was, MOTT!
    Would've been bad if it ended on some other floor, Visithra.
    Hahahh, that ought to have been quite a drama for the kid, Bonnie. :lol:
    Hopefully not, Andreas.
    Indeed, Eggy.
    :lol: Mrs Reader: Poor sis