Friday, October 27, 2006

Dirty DVD Weekend

Okay. For some reason, I haven't been feeling terribly motivated to blog lately but suddenly today, *fwoosh*, I am a blogging maniac! So expect a flurry of low quality, high quantity blog entries. Show some support, people! I'm on a quest for a personal best here.

According to my Fennel DVD Manager (the best damn Mac OSX DVD management software on the planet) I have 608 DVD titles to my name, of which 222 I have not yet seen. And I'm still buying them. So I figured I'll try and watch as many as I possibly can, y'know, to try and close the gap between the disks I have not seen and the ones I intend to buy. Anyway, the long holiday that was, was a fruitful time for this endeavour. Here's a quickie movie review:

Adam Sandler lands himself a remote control that controls his life in this comedy. I loved Sandler in Happy Gilmore and Wedding Singer, but this movie was only so-so. It's kinda like a pale version of Bruce Almighty which I enjoyed immensely. 3 out of 5 stars.

In the third of the franchise, Tom Cruise's Agent Ethan Hunt gets married and his wife gets captured. It was pretty pretty well-paced but I hated the wussy ending. Screw Hollywood happy endings. Think of it as a sappy version of On Her Majesty's Secret Service. Minus 1 star for sappiness. 4 out of 5.

Buffy whatsername stars in this Hollywood remake of Ju-On. It was okay though not terribly scary. I dunno about you but why does the ghost crawls around the way it does in the movie? Seems to me like the director is just trying to force the shivers. Bleh! Almost the same premise as Phone, only less clever. 3 stars.

After having watched him in a slew of Bond movies and in The Thomas Crowne Affair, Pierce Brosnan gives you a whole new feeling about him in this incredible funny movie as a "facilitator of fatalities". Hahaha... that slays me everytime I remember it. Two strangers in a bar, Greg Kinnear makes conversation by proclaiming, "Don’t margaritas always taste better in Mexico?" To which Brosnan replies, "Margaritas. And cock." That Pierce Brosnan is a funny guy, I tell you. 5 stars!!

Juvenile delinquent street racer buttmunch gets shipped off to Japan to avoid incarceration. There he does pretty much the same except he learns to drift. Cheesy story with great driving action. Vin Diesel appears in cameo at the end earning the movie one more star. 3 stars. Somebody should give Vin Diesel an Oscar. Hahah!

Ugh. I didn't even finish this. Partly because it was crap and partly because the DVD started skipping. Uncle Ho would give me a replacement on this one, but I couldn't be bothered with this drivel.

All light stuff, but good for unwinding. Next up, I'm considering a 007 Marathon - so that I can be adequately prepared for Casino Royale. Join me? :)


  1. i heard that the names of characters played by adam sandler in all his movies have names that started with H. Not sure if it is true though.

  2. u even got a DVD management software kah? wah lao... really have to visit your library liao :P

  3. I don't need DVDs. Astro is good enough to make me lose sleep. I watched Kitchen's Affairs (some spanish show) till 4.30 am this morning.. headache now.

  4. Not true lah, Duckie. In this show he was a Michael.
    Oops Egghead. I let out too much info, didnt I?
    You need Astro Max, Gina. Then you can get some sleep. Hahah.