Wednesday, October 18, 2006

It's Edutainment, people!

Yes, it's been proven finally that TV is the best thing that has ever happened to mankind - and right in my household too!

"Look at the way he's blinking!"

As far as Mae was concerned, TV will blind her precious little boy. Not surprisingly, her mother shares the same sentiment. This bespectacled-since-young mother-daughther tag team are something of an authority on eyesight and eyecare. *ahem*

And then a few weeks back, Jesse scores one for the boys and our favourite pastime. After having watched hours and hours of TV, one fine day on his very own, the boy stands up and proudly recites his ABCs. From A to Z! Well, almost... he had trouble with Q and W... but still!?!??!!! He can also count from 1 to 10.

Anyway, he's going crazy with his newfound knowledge. These days you can't bring him anywhere without him wanting to stop and read signboards, parking lot pillars, t-shirts, etc.

"He'll spoil his eyes watching all that TV!" Mae still protests every now and then. "But he's learning stuff, honey!" And so Mommy has no choice but to let Jesse continue his TV education, while I... erm... make sure he gets a quality education. Like CSI, House MD, Nip Tuck and America's Next Top Model. Heh!!! BTW, it's just pure coincidence that all these shows have hot women in them. I'm really just into the educational aspects of these shows.

You know what they say - you can never get too much education.


  1. My kids will certainly agree. If mae'she's really hardworking enough, he can even win prizes fm playhouse. Nvr underestimated the sublimal power of TV! I LOVE TV! LOL!

  2. sorry, i just realised your comment box doesn't get html.

  3. I'm surprised they let Nip/Tuck be seen.
    Isn't Kimber smokin? And Kit oooo Kit ... don't much care for the character that Sanaa Lathan plays. Brooke Shields looks so freaking sexy for a mom!!! I had a good giggle last night when I saw they had put Rosie O'Donnell and Liz (their assistant) together in the same room.
    Glad to see you posting like your old self again!

  4. yep. everyday, all of us are getting educated in one way or another. there's a saying that goes "when one stop learning, one stop growing".
    glad to know that jesse now knows his ABCs and 123. i can imagine how proud you are... and happy to be educated along with jesse because of thehot women. ;)

  5. so u're just into sexducation for little Jesse huh? LOL!

  6. what better way to learn cucimata teknik than through educational TV programmes. a guy's gotta do what a guy gotta do, hehehe ;)

  7. My household should learn from you. All the kids in my house are either watching Wah Lai Toi or this AEC - channel 19 - which has Taiwanese Hokkien show. So you can imagine Sasha and Lok Lok knew how to sing hokkien songs than to memorize ABC.
    They know how to count backwards - 3,2,1 GO! after watching Fear Factor.

  8. :lol: I love that you love TV, MOTT!!!
    Kimber? yeesh! The rest of the people you have named have not yet shown up in our current season yet, Gwen. Yeah, we're still Season One here.
    I love hot women, Lucia. I mean, I love how they educate us. Heh.
    Sexducation eh, Eggy? Hehehheh!!!
    Boys will be boys, huh, Buaya?
    :lol: I like kids who can sing in Hokkien Gina. What fun!