Friday, October 27, 2006

Gaya Raya

This year round, Jesse's finally grown big enough to fit into his very own little Baju Melayu and so we got him one. This little outfit was quite a deal given that traditional costumes usually cost a bomb during their corresponding festivities. Mae got the whole ensemble at Jalan Masjid India for RM45. Again, the boy refuses to have anything on his head, so no Songkok for him. Meanwhile, Roma's baju raya set us back RM120. What can I say, the girl's got taste.

As usual, we celebrated Raya with my god-daughter and her family. Mom, Elin is a true-blue Nyonya which makes her a kickass cook. Which also makes Raya at their house a sumptious affair. Which must be why kid-brother Shafiq is stuffing his face.

Look at that face. Mei-mei, the sweet little goddot, is gonna grow up to be a heartbreaker. As the godfather, I shall grow up to be a ballbreaker to all her suitors. Ya mess with da goil, ya mess wit da family... capisce? Whatsamatter wit you?

Anyway, it was a fulfilling Hari Raya. Despite being full, we were still filling our plates. Heh. Even Jesse approves. While we went about enjoying the food and festivities, the boy was raiding Elin's cookie jars. Aside from her famous Pandan Chicken, she also makes a good... erm... fried snack thingy.

So yeah, we stuffed our faces that day. At night we stuffed it somemore - with some seriously sinful stuffings of Pakistani persuasion. Watch this space.


  1. Finally a post from you! I check daily to see what the whole James-Mae-Jesse gang is up to...
    Jesse look cute in baju melayu... and the sampin, i bet it is the one with the elastic bands on the waist. Haha...
    What abt you and mae? didnt feel festive enough to follow suit?

  2. stumbled across your blog. finally found time to surf. must say baju melayu look great on Jesse.

  3. it looks like the sampin is a wee big for jesse. makes it look like he is wearing a skirt. :) anyway he does look cute.
    so you and family have a good hari raya i see!

  4. Mei-mei's smile is a carbon copy of her old man huh?

  5. jesse looks good! his selipar also matching!

  6. *sigh* Oli, I gain weight just by looking at food.
    Yes Amydoll, it was a clip-on Sampin! :lol: As for Mae and I, we ran out of budget lah.
    Eeek! Is this the Joyce Tan who's in Johor now?
    Yah it's big, Lucia. That means he'll be wearing the same sampin next year. Ha.
    Now that you mention it, yalah, Bonnie. Spooky.
    I thot so too, MOTT. :)

  7. awwww jessie looks so cute - love the colour - he gets cuter by the day - looks like u guys had lots of fun