Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Ugly But Adorable

candid jesse

In my mind, and that of Mae's, Jesse is the cutest little boy on the planet. And as though it was some weird fringe benefit of parenthood, people around us are most willing to agree with us. Never mind if they think he looks like the ass-end of baby gorilla, they'd still say he's cute.

Still, for Mae and I, we do appreciate the way Jesse looks now. Whenever we go through some of his old photos, we'd get a shock as to how weird he looked when he was much younger. Heh! And then we realised that, hey, back then we thought he was cute too. So it's pretty safe to say that our barometer for beauty is a little out of whack. :)

I remember distinctively the day Jesse was born. The moment he popped out of his mother's... erm... body, he had this really contorted expression - his eyes, nose, lips and ears all squashed from all that squeezing in the tight confines of Mommy's womb. To make matters worse, he looks like my dad.

I know this sounds harsh, but at that very moment, my heart sank. My baby was butt-ugly. "Poor boy," I thought to myself, "we're gonna have to love him more than ever now."

Thankfully in the last couple of years, he smoothened out, grew some hair, sprouted some teeth and developed, in our opinion, a winning smile. Sure, our kid is no beauty pageant finalist but at least he's no longer hideous. Thank God for that.

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  1. It takes a lot of effort for any baby not to look cute or adorable to their own parents...
    Underneath the Filth Element, he's really human afterall... :)

  2. Eh? I seriously thought he looks cute. Now, in this pic..he just looks grown up. ...no more cutey-pie. Cheeky but all grown up.

  3. probably the cutesey look thingy is a kid's mechanism to prevent parents from bringing them to the toy section at the shopping mall and sneak off quietly.

  4. He's just 3 years old, still too early to talk about appearance because it will change when he gets older. I am sure he will be as big and as strong as his father and has a soft spot for feminine stuffs like his mom. :D

  5. When my niece was born, I thought "oh my god, she's not exactly cute now is she?" I remembered my archi-lecturer told me once that babies are one of the ugliest creatue on earth because they are so out or proportion.... :P Which was sorta true.
    But as time passed, my niece grew to be a pretty little angel... no more ugly duckling. You just need to give em time to grow out of that ugliness...
    However, i think parents tend to be bias towards their own child(ren) when it comes to cuteness department. My dad, when he carries his own cucu, would whisper to my mom "our children were cuter"... *roll eyes*

  6. lol I look back on my kid and thought he was CUTER as a newborn :P lol and just pray his character isn't ugly even if his appearance is.

  7. He where got ugly?? He so cute ler, so happy to have a kid at home hor got lots of happiness. When your wife wanna join those piggy club??

  8. LOL! I thought my boy looked like the baby squid alien from MIB when he was born! :P

  9. He's all grown up now! I can't recognise him. I thought he was cute when he was younger what. I still remember the pic you posted last time of him wearing a santa hat or something. Looked very adorable. :)

  10. ehh jesse always cutela - so adorable n he had that cute smile like forever

  11. Shine, I'm human filth. :lol:
    Yah, MOTT, it weird how he looks much older than he really is.
    Good point, Duckie. :lol:
    No, no, no, Jason. No soft spot for feminine stuff!!!! HAhha
    Hahh, I like your dad already, Amydoll!
    Yes, Gwen, a good character is important but a little looks never hurt anyone. Hehehh!
    Thanks 1+2 mom. What's a piggy club?
    Hahha, looks like we had a similar experience then, Egghead.
    He looks like somebody else's kid, Mumsgather.
    I must buy you dinner some day, Visithra. I'll take it out from his piggy bank! :lol:

  12. but frankly, i really think that Jesse have very nice eyes. clear, as if you can look straight into them

  13. He's cute la. He just needs a better hairdresser is all! And you better get rid of this post before he learns to read.

  14. i'm sure jesse will grow up as handsome as his daddy. :)

  15. James, Jesse is as cute as you. :lol:

  16. Haven't you heard? The drop, dead gorgeous are no longer in. They are so last decade.
    And it's usually the gorgeously-challenged people that get the beauties...for examples: Donald Trump with the new wifey Milenia or was it Millenium (?), David Bowie and Iman, Kid Rock with Pam "Those-hooters" Anderson...need I name more?

  17. *ahem* Duckie, he got those from me. Hehheh...
    Stevo: If you hate his haircut then, you're really not gonna like his new one!
    Sorry Lucia, if he grows up like me, then he's not gonna be terribly handsome. Heh.
    :lol: Bonnie, I gotsta buy you lunch someday. :lol:
    Stop trying to make me feel better, Anjali! :lol: