Thursday, March 1, 2007

5 Reasons

I don't do a lot of memes on my blog. And for a good reason too. Whenever anyone tags me, I go on over and read about the meme. Then I start composing my thoughts in my mind, articulating every thought, constructing ever sentence and accentuating every nuance in every word. This goes on until next Tuesday when my brains suddenly implode, wiping out every shred of memory of the said meme.

Heh! Anyway, since MOTT's tag is still fresh in my mind, I have decided to do it. On with the show:

  1. I like to show off my powderful England. See me juggle multiple adjectives! Watch me tame that dangling participle! Witness as I split infinitives!
  2. I am an attention-seeking whore and this blog is an extension of my ego. And it's all for you. Now you can kiss the spot that I blog on and worship me. Bwahahah!
  3. I forget stuff and the wife is always trying to pull a fast one. "No honey, we haven't had our anniversary dinner yet." Now I have proof recorded all over the internet. Take that, honey!
  4. I have a son whose father is destined for greatness. This blog records their every exploit and will someday provide a great resource for Daddy's authorised autobiography.
  5. I love women, and this blog allows me to get in touch with so many of them from all over the world, too! Imagine what it does to my libido. Heheheh!
There! Now you know. I'm supposed to tag five people but I'm too lazy for that.


  1. wah..bagusnya!!!!!! trima kasih ya!!!!!
    eh! apa ni "libido"..u ada ke?

  2. Hello there, James!
    Got here from Eyeris punya blog. I like the design of your blog; clean and subversively reminding me of Supersize Me. And another funny blog! Gosh we need more of those.
    I'm gonna link ya at my Bookmarks page, if you are alright with that. Just don't blame me if seven-foot Norwegian warrior goddesses come knockin' on your doorstep. Your wife isn't allowed to hurt me either for that.

  3. Wow! really good reasons to blog!

  4. Welcome, MOTT!
    Thanks for dropping by, Kenny. I welcome Goddesses of any kind. (cue: Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries)
    Nah, Simon. Just never got round to doing much of them.
    :lol: Thanks for the support, JustMe! HAhahh!

  5. Fuuuaaahhh.. really powderful, your engrand.... *bows in awe and kisses feet of the great one* :lol:
    Your 5 reasons are by the far the best ones I've read !! :D