Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Education of Jesse

At 2 years and 6 months, Jesse can barely string a bunch of words to make an intelligible sentence, but dammit, the kid knows his ABCs and 123s.

He's been reciting his alphabet and numbers, even before his 2nd birthday. There was a time whenever we went shopping, he'd stop right there at the signboard just to point and identify the characters. As you can imagine, our shopping trips became twice as long just waiting for the boy to read all the signages in the shopping mall. Heh.

Anyway, one day I decided it'd be fun to screw with his little brain and so I started showing him sign language of the alphabet. But the boy started learning that too. Then Mae thought it'd be funny if we pressed the wrong floor on the lift and let him out. But Jesse was way ahead of us. In fact, one time I actually got off on the wrong floor and my boy called me back in.

Lately, he's decided to write. So far, he's managed the letters P, L, E, A, V, M, T, H, L, O, N. If I didn't know better I'd say he's trying to spell, "Please leave me the hell alone" or something.

For now, Jesse is enjoying his mornings at the Kindergarten, learning new stuff. Today I paid him a little visit and saw him and his little friends learning how to use the scissors.

Hmmm... it looks like there could be interesting days ahead.


  1. genius leh... my son can hardly hold a pencil properly... and cannot identify any alphabet leh... I guess different kids excel in different things :)

  2. You will be surprised at the rate they learn new stuff, man. And before you know it, he'll be asking for Stephen Hawking books!

  3. such a smarty pants!!!!!
    I think their brains zip faster than their mouths...so that's y some boys can't express themselves. Whereas, some girls' mouths move faster than brains.
    *ahem* I said "SOME".

  4. O_O. Scissors eh? They don't go well with furniture and your Sunday best. ;)
    Make sure you keep the scissors at home somewhere safe!

  5. 2 1/2 and already identify all the alphabets? yeah agree with egghead, he's a genius!
    i remember my nephew (who is now 20) was 3 years old, when he started to identify some alphabets, esp the letter A. then everywhere i go with him like at shopping centres, when he spotted signs with words, he would particularly pointed out the letter A and shouted proudly "A! A! this is A!". btw he learned to identify the alphabets from the computer keyboard. yes as young as 3 he was already in front of the PC playing some simple games. we would tell him "press letter A", "press letter S" and so on... that was how he learned the alphabets. oh once when we told him to "press any key", he asked "which one is the any key?" :)
    wah! and now jesse is starting to learn to use the scissors? i think i was about 6 when i learned to use the scissors. ;)

  6. Waahhhhh so small can read already? Better yet giving daddy clues to leave him alone??? Jesse is the smartest kid I've ever known! and to think that you and mae were worried sick :D ... see Jesse proved u both wrong :D
    3 cheers for Jesse!
    Hip Hip Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hip Hip Hooray !!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hip Hip Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Hey, I'm so glad that Jesse is enjoying kindi now!! :) You guys were very, very brave parents to watch him go each day in the first 2 weeks.

  8. oooh jesse is smart - get him on books ;)))

  9. Haha! Wait tilll he starts using crayons and those magic markers. You'd wish the magic marker magically disappear.
    I know my mom did. Those hours spent cleaning the wall.... *shy face*

  10. Hi, praise God that Jesse is smart and quick in these areas. it is great to hear that he is so advance in his fine motor skills esp.
    i must say that there is a lot of pressure on parents these days to prep their children as early as possible.

  11. hahahaha so funny and cute!!! showing such personality already too, you must sayang him until burnt ok?

  12. No Eggy, he doesn't hold a pencil properly as well... :)
    Ah, my son, the nuclear physicist. One can only hope, Papi.
    *ahem* Some, MOTT...
    I'm more worried that he decides to give himself a haircut, Angel. :lol:
    Hahah... knowing his alphabet doesn't make him a genius, Lucia. If he knows how to use them, then I'd agree with you.
    :lol: Deepa! 3 cheers...
    Ugh, surely you can imagine our separation anxiety, Melo-Jo! But the way he enjoys it now, we'd even wonder why we were so concerned in the first place. :lol:
    Nope, Visithra. He still doesn't like books yet.
    Amydoll, he's started already. But we bought him a ream of A4 paper so he'd keep his art off of our walls and furniture. So far so good... hehheh...
    Well, Tigerlily, we're not so concerned about his academics as we are about his social development.
    Burnt, Gwen!!! :lol: