Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A Little Less Conversation

Even before he was born, I had longed to someday have meaningful conversations with my son. Unfortunately, Jesse is a boy of few words. For the life of me, I can't seem to understand why.

Legend has it that his father (*ahem) could talk long before he could walk. My mom and my aunties swear that between my cousin Dean and I, we were two kids rolled into one. At about one plus he'd be pushing me around in the stroller, while I barked out orders. He walked the walk, while I talked the talk. Must have been quite a sight.

His mother... hmph... just try and shut her up. Heh.

Jesse, however, isn't much for conversation. It isn't that he can't speak or can't communicate his wants and needs, it's just that he doesn't ever really feel like having a dialogue with anybody.

"What did you do at school today, Jesse? Did you learn anything new? Did you sing songs? Did you..."

"Jesse wanna oi-oi,"
he'd butt in, indicating his desire to go to bed, as if our questions were putting him to sleep. Meanwhile his classmates at the kindie are giving their parents a 200-word oral report or their day at school.

Little Gabriel tells his daddy Alex exactly what happens at school each day. Little Scott in the next class can tell his mommy that Jesse is his schoolmate when we bumped into them at Ikea. Jesse on the other hand, tells us diddley squat.

Either he's not interested in conversation, or he's up to no good at school. *sigh*


  1. Maybe he just wants to speak when necessary?

  2. careful for what you wish for...
    my no.1 was the same..until about ..recently, (which is almost 5), he kept asking me.."where is..", "why is...", What is..." "Who is...."
    The most frequent one is, "Mama...what car is that?"
    W W W W W!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. inside his mouth hides a pot of gold? :P

  4. maybe he's an introvert, like me but as i grew i adjust myself to fit in :p
    but my boi is the same too, whenever i asked him how's school for the day, he will never reply. if you ask him stuff he likes he will talk non-stop!

  5. Well.. maybe both mom & dad already used up all his words before he was born.. now he's gotta take a vow of celibacy.. err i mean vow of silence/less-words hehhehe just talking nonsense

  6. Thattaboy...children should not talk to strangers... =P
    Maybe he is just giving you a head start on the teenage years...

  7. yeah i agree, in a few years he'll be talking lots. But i try not to discourage them from asking too much. By the time they reach teenage years they'll be quiet again...!

  8. Lol, james, prolly u and mae have talked enough for the 3 of u, he feels why not have someone be quiet and listen for a while. haha
    Its okay to be quiet, as long as he observes, no?
    does jesse have an imaginary friend?

  9. james, when i was small i always go into shell and refused to tok but it only happens when im being scolded and i was like tat till i was around 10 yrs old i think..lolzzzz

  10. Hey James,
    Probably Jesse is the "live for the moment" kind of kid. :)

  11. My cousin sis doesn't speak much when she was little. We thought she was mute. Now, nobody can shut her up. Aiyoh!!! So don't worry unnecessarily.

  12. yalah i would have agree with gina - no cause for concern at all. james. some kids just don't like to talk too much (introvert maybe) but who knows as the kid grows up, she/he might talk a lot... at any case, if she/he don't, also no cause for worry, as some people are just introvert who don't like to speak a lot.

  13. Jason, it's necessary, if he knows what's good for him. Heh.
    LOL MOTT! I know. Isn't that lovely?
    One can only hope, Eggy.
    Babe, even with stuff he likes he doesn't say much. :(
    Indeed, dancing queen.
    *piak* Paulos.
    Yeah Fanboy, he has all the makings of a sullen teen.
    Speaking from personal experience, Simon? :)
    Nope, Amy-zing. No imaginary friend. Yet.
    10, Phoenix?!? I think I would have given up by then. :lol:
    HAhaha... maybe he is, Maggie.
    Not worried, Gina. Just frustrated.
    That can't possibly be my kid, Lucia... we're talkaative stock!

  14. Be careful what you wished for.. hahha!! my chloe yaks non-stop .. from the minute she wakes up.. till she goes to bed at about 11.30pm.
    A really long day for us.. if you know what i mean.. ;)