Monday, June 11, 2007

Much Needed Getaway

It was the school holidays and Mom was in town. Her brother and his wife suggests a trip up Gentings, and we decide it would be a good idea to tag along. Despite being just a one-day thing for Mae, Jesse, our new maid, Anie and I, it was a much needed getaway.

Mom's living all alone in Taiping these days since Grandma's passing. The trip was a great change of pace for her. It was too, for Mae who only started working again 2 months ago.

Clever me, in my usual absent-minded self, forgot to fill the gas tank before we drove up. Our last few kilometers up the hill were, as you can imagine, a pretty harrowing experience. And in case you were wondering, yes, the engine did die - but thankfully only some 300 meter away from the gas pump up in Gentings and at the stairs. My walk uphill got me gas and a good exercise.

(But don't think for a moment that the incident will teach me to keep my tank filled. I have had my car die on my on numerous occassions, and I never learnt my lesson then. :P )

At the outdoor park, we egged Anie to get on the Corkscrew. Anie is a sad little girl who hardly ever smiled (more on this in another post). So, up she went in the rollercoaster and down she came smiling ear to ear. It was the best thing for her.

As for Jesse, he had a whale of a time on the rides. However, being the school holidays and all, Genting Highlands was packed to the brim with schoolkids. Every fun ride was preceded by a half-hour queue. Imagine standing in a queue for 30 minutes with 13 kgs on your shoulder. It's no walk in the park, I assure you.

So yeah, it wasn't the best holiday getaway we ever had. Heck, not even close. But it was certainly much needed.

P/S - BTW, I'm behind on my blogging. This trip was a week ago. Today, we just came back from Taiping. Expect a flurry of entries in the next few days!


  1. Ho! Taiping's food post! Something that I always look forward to in your blog.

  2. aisay... best nya. havent been to genting since i was 4. hope there'll be more for jesse. wait for a bit when jesse is all grown up so he can go for more rides. once he gets to college, he'd want t roller-coaster fix once in a while from all that stress (okay, i'm talking about me now).
    REALLY need one right now. Melbourne's the bum of the universe with no roller coaster 'cept for rickety ride @ luna park which doesnt have the scream factor.
    its 3am, need to get back to work. *wails*

  3. "my walk uphill got me gas..."
    pity the folks in genting. and they thot they would get good clean fresh air...

  4. Taiping food again - same old thing ah?
    Aiyoh.. that's the first thing to do whenever we go on a road trip - to fill up gas. I dunno how THAT could slip your mind. I think it's sheer laziness lah. Haha.

  5. Nah Jason, there's only so much good food in Taiping and I probably already blogged them all. Hahahh!
    Poor Amy, working at 3am? Yes, you need a rollercoaster ride too.
    :lol: Dammit MOTT, you got me there.
    Nah, Gina, Mae likes to use up all the petrol in the car so it's her fault as much as mine.

  6. it is indeed a bad idea to go to genting during the school hols (and public hols) as it will be damn packed... but what to do, school hols (and public hols) seems to be the only time most people are free. i once went to genting during agong's birthday and it was so packed that i vowed not to return on a public holiday.
    glad that you have a much needed break in the cool highlands (is it still cool?).

  7. genting is not a break. have to keep an eye on the littlies 24/7... very very stressful

  8. Yes, it's still cool, Lucia. It rained too.
    I agree, Sweetpea.

  9. wah, what happened to that post about wife nagging man to jump to his death?

  10. I wanna go Genting .. but definitely not during the school holidays.. prefereably during the school exams.. muahahhhahhaa!!

  11. Still there Busybodee.
    Good plan, MamaBok!