Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A Woman Will Give You Shit

At least that what my old man used today. And he should know. Heh. But it's a little tragic when my 3-year-old little boy should find that out.

"Do you know what happened to Jesse yesterday?" Mae voice rattled excitedly over the phone this morning. She was, of course, dying to tell me.

"Cutie-Pie shat all over him," Mae said, "literally."

It took me awhile to respond. I mean, how exactly does one kid shit on another? And right in the middle of their kindergarten class too. Some pretty unsavoury images found its way to the dark recesses of my mind. Did his little co-ed pin him down? Or was he a willing party? Did he roll around in it laughing his head off?

"Is she cute?" the typical male in me enquired.

"Quite," Mae sniggered.

"Then I guess it was worth it."

No clever retort from Mae. She knows I'd take a whole load from her too. :)

UPDATE: In case anybody's wondering, this is not one of those cryptic posts. Poor little Cutie-Pie came to school with a bout of diaorrhea. She had a little accident and there was shit all over the place and for some reason, some of it ended up on Jesse's uniform and nobody can say for certain how that happened. I shall have to interrogate the boy tonight.


  1. now we know these father and son dig the cocoa shower....so kinky!

  2. :lol: Very telling, Kim, that you know all these porno slang! Hahahha!
    Why Yuri? Never got any faeces on yourself before? :lol:

  3. LOL. Nice to see you updating. XD

  4. more like poopie pie?
    poor kid..

  5. "No clever retort from Mae. She knows I'd take a whole load from her too. :)"...TOO MUCH INFO!

  6. Hahaha. Children nowadays. I think my cousin bro ate shit before when he was little... yes.. he also behave like a piece of shit now. Haha.

  7. " She knows I'd take a whole load from her too. " -- literally or what? ew ew ew. Boyfriend/hubby or not, no one gets THAT blinded by cuteness/love. Sai, means sai.... it will NEVER EVER be rose petals! haha :D

  8. You know what? That seems so much better than a 13 year old crappin her pants in the middle of a class. I felt sorry for my classmate. I don't think anyone will ever forget that incident when something in the wind was afoul.

  9. Eeeewwwkk..!! that wasn't fun..!

  10. haha...cool blog. will bookmark you. keep blogging k....
    p/s - check out my blog to. leave your words of wisdoms k.... 'Shaky Fish'

  11. er... first mae said "cutie pie shit all over him" then later you said something about her shitting all over the place and some of it got onto jesse's shirt - er... that means it was not that cutie pie shit all over jesse, right?
    she must have shit all over the place and jesse somehow or other walked/sit over the place and hence got the shit on his shirt.

  12. So much for that Silly Pat. :)
    Hahha, yes indeed, MOTT!
    There's never enough info around here, Fanboy.
    :lol: Gina, It's the sullen, sour-faced bugger isn't it? I always felt he was a bit of a shiteater.
    Depends on who's ass it comes out of, Amy-zing! :lol:
    Indeed, Meng.
    You sure it wasn't you, Gwen?
    MamaBok, thankfully I didn't have to clean it off of him.
    Hey there, d'Fish.
    Hahah... I try not to think too much about it, Lucia. :lol: