Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Happy Days are Hair Again!

Sunday was a milestones of sorts. It's Jesse's first professional haircut after almost a year, the second in his entire lifetime. For some reason, the boy is adversed to having his hair cut. The last time I attempted to cut his hair, I almost slit my own wrists out of frustration. Heh.

Anyway, the kid turns three in a few weeks and I figured, surely by now he'd have outgrown his phobia of haircuts. So, Mae and I, along with the boy and our maid, Anie headed down to the local Mamak Barber. Despite my own reservations about Mamak Barbers, I decided that both father and son should conquer our fears. And so there we were.

Go on, watch the video. :)

It turned out pretty well - the ordeal and hopefully, the haircut. Makes him look a little uncle-ish though. But the boy thinks he looks like Peter Parker now. Heh.

Oh well.


  1. Where's the neck twisting part? :D

  2. lollol so adorable la*heart*
    and the photo in the post he is such a big boy already.....
    and remmeber how you used to be all anonymous and stuff back in the days?;D now u don't seem to care anymore!! which is good:)

  3. he really likes spiderman huh?! where are his nerdy glasses? :P

  4. Habis lah his trademark Beatles' hair. The previous dopey hair makes Jesse, Jesse. :D This one is nicer lah though.

  5. wah...hansum!

  6. Stevo: Indeedy!
    Yeah, damn barbers dun do that anymore these days, Jason.
    LOL, Jayelle... I guess the older I get, the less self conscious I have become. I only remained anonymous so to not put off my readers. Hahahh!
    I hope he never needs glasses, nerdy or otherwise, Eggy!
    I kinda miss the dopey hair lah, Gina.
    Ah thank you thank you, MOTT!
    Yes, I'm beaming with pride, MamaBok!