Thursday, August 16, 2007

War & Peacenik

"That Mennis is a real rascal," Mae complained to me about Jesse's classmate. Apparently the kid pulled Jesse chair from under him just as our boy was about to sit down. "And right in front of me, too!"

"Why, that little shit," I replied, as images of unnatural child abuse crept into my head. Mae interjected, her voice vibrating with grave concern, "That's not the worst of it."

Crap. My kid was getting heckled by his classmate and there was more?

"Teacher Tze Nie is concerned as well," Mae told me earnestly. Apparently, his classmates tend to pick on him a little. They'd grab the toys he was paying with, or they'd pinch the goodies off of his lunchbox.

"He doesn't fight back," Tze Nie had told Mae, "or even protest or complain."

It hit me, then. My kid was a damn hippy-flower-child-peacenik. Sure, it's a good trait to be all peace-loving and stuff, but can a child survive like that?

"Maybe we ought to teach him how to kick some ass," Mae suggested. "Just for self defense," she quickly added.

But I didn't feel comfortable about raising my kid to be violent. Sure, I can't stand the fact that he doesn't stand up for himself, but on the other hand, I like my boy and his innocent lovey-dovey, turn-the-other-cheek ways. But what is a parent to do? Introduce him to the Way of the Dragon and rob him of his innocence forever? Or let him deal with it in his own time? Or perhaps something else, altogether?

"I'm gonna go step on Mennis' foot, maybe break his big toe of something," I told Mae.

"Don't be crazy," Mae said.

"The teachers might see you." Heh.


  1. But then he doesn't mind, right? Martial arts teaches discipline but it doesn't make someone violent (unless you go to the wrong sensei).
    The world will teach him hate. I think parents should try to teach him love before it's too late.
    Peace out!

  2. Y'know what? My kid was a hippy peace lover beatnik once. Now...macam samseng! So just enjoy his innocence while it lasts. Jesse will learn in time how to fight/shout/scream/kick back. Trust me..he will.

  3. dun worry... my son (the damn violent menace) will take care of whoever bully Jesse (his good-friend wor)... just point that bagger out... my son will walk on him! LOL!

  4. This is the part where parents really donch know what's best.. to do..! i have the same fear.. when Chloe is ready for school. I donch wanna be over protective.. yet.. i donch want my kid to be bullied..! so how..?? right now.. i also donch know..! when the time comes.. i'll cross the bridge with her.. :)

  5.'s not ok to take revenge on a child.
    Kick his dad's ass!

  6. You don't have to step on Mennis the Menace's foot.
    Just accidently kick his chair out from under him.

  7. "The meek shall inherit the earth.." or so the good book says, but just say the word and uncle jeff will whip the little Meniss. Jesse's a lover not a fighter. I can take it out on his mother or elder sisters. Just say the Word! All said, I'm a Peace loving man.

  8. Thanks for the wisdom, Zemien.
    :lol: Boys are meant to be samseng, aren't they MOTT? Hehh.
    HAhah, THAT I gotta see, Eggy.
    Yeah, MamaBok, I can relate. I want Jesse to be able to deal with these things himself.
    Nah Fanboy. His dad looks like a scrapper. He might kick my ass. Hahha.
    Stevo: Good plan... hehheh
    Hehehh... Uncle Jeff will kick little Meniss in the ass? Ah yes, I can picture it now. HAhahha!

  9. What kind of name is that?? Mennis? Sounds like Penis. Lan Kia. Maybe you guys should talk to Penis' parents.

  10. LOL, not his real name lah, idiot Gina! I made it up to sound like menace.