Tuesday, August 28, 2007

3 Years Old!

Over the weekend, we celebrated Jesse's birthday.

On Saturday, we brought we threw him a kiddie's party at KidZone in Hartamas Shopping Centre. It was a small affair with with his little cousins, uncles and aunties, and grandparents.

On Sunday, the actual day that he was born, Mae and I bought him two little cupcakes, stuck in a candle, sang him the birthday song and the little boy happily blew the candles out. He had a whale of a time basking in the attention. He enjoyed it so much he made us sing six more times, just so he could blow the candles out over and over again. Hahha. It could have gone all night, but we quickly ate up the cakes so there was nowhere to stick a candle in. Yes, we're bad parents.

On Monday, we brought a cake to his kindergarten to celebrate with his little classmates. All the kids had had their birthdays in class and the boy had been eagerly looking forward to his turn. Didn't help that he was the youngest there, so he celebrated everyone else's birthday before he got to do his. Mae stayed up all night on Sunday to pack little party packs for the kids, while I woke early to fry nuggets and sausages for the little party.

Jesse's school had a strict policy on birthdays. Parents could only go during the kid's breaktime, which was midway during class. Despite the fact that we had prepped him for the day, I supposed he didn't quite expect us to turn up in the middle of class. And for that moment he was the happiest little kid in school. Then we had to leave, and he wasn't quite prepared to see us go. And the happiest kid alive turned into the saddest kid alive. Next year, we'll just leave the cake, sausages, nuggets and party packs and watch from a distance. *sigh*

Throwing a party is astronomical in terms of labour and cost, and of course, emotions. Perhaps next year we'll pluck up enough courage to invite our friends and his (who must be thinking: "How come we never get invited to Jesse's birthday") to our home.

I shudder at the thought. Ugh.


  1. Well.. happy belated birthday .. Jesse..!

  2. zero pictures ah? apa jadi? :P
    Happy Birthday Jesse!
    p/s: "How come we never get invited to Jesse's birthday?"

  3. oh man...already three?????
    sigh... life is so much fun when you're a kid!!!! happy burpin' day Jesse... better milk it while you can...and yes, your parents HAVE to invite more people, that's the only way you'll get more PRESENTS!!!!!

  4. Happy Burfday Jesse.
    Make sure you invite me next year, hor.

  5. Happy b'day jesse!
    How come we never get invited to Jesse's birthday? No, seriously...! :)

  6. hahah wow.. its an honour to be here Jesse dad. This blog really explains alot..
    expecially the spierman tunes he's been singing in class..
    * There was once he kept singing the spiderman tunes i thought a little change would be nice.. so i taught him the 'simpsons' version of the spidey song..
    ''Spider PIG spider PIG, does watever a spiderPig does..'' n Jesse started singing & dancing to the tune.. hahahaa. sorry. I didn't mean to distort his wonderful superhero song.. it was just hilarious..

  7. heee... he's threee already. soon he'd be 30! savour the birthday moments while it lasts. by the time he reaches 10, he'll think its uncool to have bithdays in school, and by the time he's 15, he'd want to just go out for a nice dinner and then out yumcha with friends till early in the morning. So, yeah, appreciate the moment.

  8. we decided to take another class picture simply because we thought the first one was ugly. hahaha but Gabriel didnt show up unfortunately..

  9. Thanks for the wishes, folks!
    Long story about the phots, Eggy. Maybe in the next post!
    Which means, MOTT, that we can't invite any more people until we move into a larger house with more room to stash his stuff!
    LOL Teacher Tze Nie! No wonder when I thought him, he had this sparkle in his eye as though he had heard it before. :lol: As for the class picture, I can't wait to see it!
    Yeah, Amy-Zing, its funny how I've forgotten all that. :)