Monday, September 17, 2007

Riding the Dream Train

Jesse loves trains. Mae and I decided that the boy would probably get a big kick out of riding on one, so we decided that we'd take a day out on the town by train. Expectedly, the boy loved it.

This was his maiden voyage on the LRT. Since then, we've taken the train a few more times. And I expect we'll be doing the train thing for another few years until he outgrows the whole thing.

Judging by his reaction, it's a dream come true for the boy. And all for just RM1.60. At his age, it's not difficult to make his dreams come true, especially since most of his dreams probably involve trains, Spiderman, elephants and birthday cakes. His wishes are gonna get tougher to fulfill as he gets older, when they start involving foreign countries, beautiful women and fast cars.

So, for now, we'll try out best to make sure he comes close to living out his dreams. At least then when he grows up, Mae and I can always say, "Hey boy, we did all kindsa stuff for you and now you'll have to love us for all eternity!"

I think I'm gonna go write a parenting book or something. Heh.


  1. the stuff parents do for their kids... bravo!

  2. The boy's happy like shit!

  3. HAHA love reading ur blog, post more often!

  4. omg so excited. i remember my first time on lrt, almost peed myself when the train vibrated..tot it was gonna fly off the track.

  5. LOL, egghead. Talking from experience? Hehh.
    Stevo: Happy like shit, indeed.
    Thanks for dropping by, Pet.
    Ah, yes. How graphic, Kim. :lol:
    Hahah, yes giraffes and sometimes tigers too, Maggie.

  6. Hiya,
    Just wanna say hi, am a latecomer to the blogging world and I love yours! I've been reading your blog archives for the past week (during my breaktimes of course *grin*).
    Keep on blogging!

  7. lolz I feel sorry for Jesse already.
    30 years later
    Mom and Dad: It's your turn to fulfill our dream. We want a big house.
    Jesse: Fulfill your dream? Why?
    Mom and Dad: Because we fulfilled yours by taking you to the train station.