Tuesday, September 25, 2007

When Your World Turns to Shit

A few months ago, I blogged about this fella in my condo who jumped of his 4th floor apartment after a heated argument with his wife. He left behind a wife and two kids.

Yesterday, the family was in the news again.

The wife had moved out of the apartment shortly after. I supposed it must have been difficult to continue living in the place of their tragedy. Anyway, the family moved to a shophouse somewhere in Kepong. They also rented out a room to another young lady.

Yesterday morning, the ladies were found brutally murdered. They had been raped and stabbed. Her kids, hiding in their room were spared. But they were not spared the terrible trauma of seeing their mother get killed.

In just three short months, the kids has lost both their parents in the worst possible ways. I shudder to think how that must affect them. The kids will be living with a relative now. I hope they will turn out okay. I wonder how we can, as a society, help them.

We live in a pretty shitty world, and we could all use a little help now and then.


  1. OMG!! (3x)... the same family??? this world is really into some deep shit!!

  2. that was horrible, and ever since u told me about it yday, i been thinking about it. :X

  3. Terrible. I pity the kids and hope they are given proper counselling. But then, in our country, we don't have such things unless they have money to pay for private doctors (shrinks). Which is unlikely. Sigh...God bless the kids.

  4. My goodness, it's so sad to hear about the news even without knowing it's the same family you've wrote about. I wished the kids will be well taken care of.

  5. Oh, wow. Wow. That's... that's.
    Wow. That's just really, really harsh.

  6. Oh Geez!!!!!!!!
    It was them???!! Oh Geez... the poor kids. I hope and pray that they will never think that it's their fault...kids always do somehow...

  7. Oh dear. Really sad to hear that. Wonder what went so, so wrong in this little family. And wonder if there's anything we can do to help? I suppose prayer's a "good" way. Though sometimes it seems like a cop-out. Or an admission of our helplessness =/

  8. perhaps you can find out more about the kids, how your readers could help...

  9. What in the world did this family do to deserve this this tragic fate? It makes me wonder sometimes,"Is there a God?"

  10. this is very bad ... very bad luck this family has ... oh my god ... >.

  11. james,
    could you contact me if you want to do something for the kids?

  12. What has this world come to?
    I sigh and shake my head, do I really want to bring children into this world, into this society?

  13. God bless this two kids. I wonder how can we help? Really hope the police force is able to find the bloody murderer as soon as they can instead of another "Fail Tutup"

  14. thats them too?? OMG. thats terrible. anyways of helping, i'm more than willing to help out...

  15. I haven't been able to stop thinking about it, Suanie.
    Lilian, someone told me that they read in the chinese papers that the kids will get counselled. Hopefully it helps.
    Yeah Babe, it's terribly tragic.
    I thought so too, T-boy. Two tragedies so close to one another is just harsh.
    Yeah, MOTT, hope the poor kids have a chance.
    I know what you mean, Chun. It's gonna be difficult for the kids, without more "tangible" help.
    I dun even know where to begin looking, Kris. But I will try.
    Stevo: Yeah, it does sometimes makes you question.
    Sounds like some very bad Karma at work, maybe, MissC?
    Thanks Lulu. Will mail you.
    Well, Shine, we can't live in fear all the time...
    Mrs. Wallace, if the media makes this high profile enough, they may have a chance.
    Will let u know if I know more about helping them, Meng.
    Yeah Buaya... Their childhood is pretty much over now. :-(

  16. The coincidence of the death of both parents within a few months is really tragic. My thoughts are with the children.

  17. it's really really sad. condolences to them. :(

  18. Yeah Gina, and the plot thickens.
    And a little to close to home, ShireenK.
    Uh-huh MamaBok.
    Haven't read much about them lately, RaZZbeRRy.
    Indeed, Abnerd.