Monday, September 10, 2007

Last Rites

Apparently, Nirvana's Memorial Park in Semenyih is a really big deal. At least that what Mae tells me. For some reason, she keeps tab on these things.

Mae tells me enthusiastically, "It's so beautiful and grand that..."

"That you wished you were dead?"
I interjected matter-of-factly. Heh. But there is much wisdom in my wit. *ahem*

Ok. So you're dead. And your family buries you in a lovely plot of land with zen garden-themed landscaping, a cascading waterfall and a 30-foot statue of yourself erected in your memory. So what? It's not like you're gonna enjoy any of it. Besides, you'll really just be taking up precious space on the earth.

Me, when I finally go, I'm going down in flames. Literally.

I tell Mae, when I'm dead and gone, I'd just like to be cremated. And if she can find the time, to scatter the ashes out at sea. All I ask is that she makes sure that I'm really dead before they wheel my body into incinerator.


  1. I don't think you can simply scatter your ashes at the sea leh...think u need a permit! HAH!

  2. Ditto...ashes to ashes, dust to dust for me too! Also my children need not return from wherever they are to pay their respects.
    And how sure are you that they are not going to convert the memorial park to something else and start digging up your remains to dump at the nearest dumping ground 50 years later?? :lol:

  3. Aiyo if need permit then it will be the longkang beside the SS3 house :P

  4. even if you are going down in flames, there is still this funeral hoo-haa to go through, of which mae can hire nivana for it. :)
    i too prefer to be cremated and have my ashes thrown into the sea or over the hills.

  5. you know what, i also want to be cremated when i die because that way i can be assured that i am REALLY dead. my worst fear is waking up alone in a nailed coffin 6ft underground. *shudder*

  6. I guess some people just want to give their loved ones the supposed "best burial". Maybe it has something to do with our kiasu nature!

  7. Eh! Don't pollute our sea!

  8. But my house is the SS3 house next to the longkang. for real..

  9. Yeah, that's best. Kat is right. Nowadays, they'll wait for more than 10 years before they start developing land. Land of the dead. Eww!! Imagine the spirits awaken, how?

  10. hi
    just blog browsing,
    wondering if you are keen

  11. hard to be 100% sure unless you make noise from within the incinerator :P

  12. LOL. Scatter behind longkang. Hahhahah!!!!
    Same here. Prefer to be BBQ-ed.

    I swear , she'll use your ashes as fertilizer

  14. MOTT, nobody ask you to make a big deal of it mah. You pour the ashes into your swimsuit and go for a swim, no one will know. HEhehh!
    Not me for lah, Kat. I will expect my kids to turn up lah. I'm their father. Unless I screw that up, they should at least pretend to care. :)
    Hun, u better not go before me or I'll flush u down the toilet. :lol:
    Yeah, Lucia, no one should, under any circumstance attempt to cremate their own relatives themselves.
    Hedonistics Anon: Me too!!!! Hahaha.. My biggest fear is waking up in a coffin. Next is waking up in an incinerator!
    True, RaZZie. They should put in the same effort when the parent's are still alive.
    Cheh, Fanboy, I bet my ashes will be popular amongsts the plankton.
    Eek! TzeNie, what a small world. If you see some weird ash floating in the drain, then u know Mae did me in!
    Primrose, fengshui masters believe that if your house is built on burial ground, it is a good thing. Unless... the buggers attempt to come back up! Hahahah!
    Hey Doink!
    I'm sure you'll make some noise when you're burning away, Egghead!
    BBQ is the best way to go, Gina.
    Something tells me you may be right, Serge.

  15. Sikhs have always been cremated and ashes have to be scattered in running water i.e. the sea. And no, u dont need a permit for this, just go far out, away from humanity, the final prayers and goodbye, back to nature. Ditto, dust to............