Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Birthday Shots

Lately, for some reason, technology is not agreeable with me. My camera is behaving like crap, my phone is shitty and my bloody MacBook is acting up again. Hence the lack of quality pictures on this blog. But, I do what I can. So here's a pictorial that was supposed to have been up a week back.

I forgot to blog this. Our friend, Jesse's favourite Auntie Maggie, made the boy a lovely blue brontosaurus pinata. He loved it to bits, literally. He loves it so much, he's still beating the poor creature every now and then. I think our boy may have a violent streak inside. WooOOoOoo~

This is Jesse's little birthday bash in Kidzone, Hartamas Shopping Centre. We invited family. Even though it's a kiddie party in a kiddie place, all our parents, siblings, cousins came along. Jesse has developed a taste for cake. Given his history of animosity towards food, I'm thankful that he's eating now, even if he's eating junk.

Mommy and Jesse going through the spoils. He's got plenty of Spiderman stuff. No prizes for guessing why. Uncle Stevo and Auntie Mich buys the boy boxing gloves and a punching bag so that he can stand up against the class bully. The boy puts on his gloves and takes his first swing at Daddy.

Jesse likes birthdays. But despite the parties, the gifts and the cake, we suspect all the boy wants to do is have everyone sing him the Birthday Song just so he can blow out candles. Next year we're scrapping all birthday plans, parties and presents. Instead, the boy gets a cake and a box of candles. Cake optional.

We bought Jesse this cake at a stall in Ikano. It's cute and colourful but not terribly well made. But guess what... the boy doesn't really care. He was just thrilled to be able to blow candles. The kids enjoyed themselves gorging on sausages, chicken nuggets and cake.

After all of this, we need some serious rest. Thank goodness birthdays are only celebrated once a year. Phew.


  1. The spidey suit looks wicked! Haha!
    Happy belated birthday, again.

  2. happy birthday to your little one.

  3. whoa! more spidey stuff? no one got him a pair of geeky specs to look like peter parker? :P

  4. whacking pinatas?
    Boxing gloves?
    Punching bag?
    what is this? million dollar baby? ;-)

  5. Yeah, the black suit is cooler than the red, Jason!
    Thanks Ms. Tacky.
    If only you knew, Eggy!
    Indeed, MOTT. We're bringing up a fighter, not a lover.

  6. At least even with terrible technology, you still get to post pics and things. My lap top and camera got stolen leh. The only technology I have now.. is in office. Sigh. Woe is me.