Thursday, October 23, 2008

No Easy Ride

Mae is not having an easy time with our new baby.The morning sickness is as bad as it's ever been and she at it all times of the day. Whoever decided to call it Morning Sickness anyway? I'll wager it's a guy. *sigh*

Smells bother her terribly too. Our new place is ready but we can't move in just yet cos the smell of new paint makes her quite sick. The smell of her husband also makes her sick. Thankfully, she's only complained once. On the plus side though, she has a voracious appetite and wants to eat everything. But then, the down side to that up side, is that she pukes it all out after. *sigh*

There's also been a little bleeding. Perhaps a little too often for our liking. And the stress at her job isn't helping. Hopefully our baby will stay strong. :(


  1. oh dear...take good care. I have been thru very bad pregnancy sickness too with Zoe (its called hyperemesis gravidarum). Since she still have appetite, I guess that's something good!
    Take it one day at a time...

  2. Firstly, congrats to you both! Secondly, I feel for Mae. I'm in my 17th week and am still going through the smell sensitivities, puking etc etc. Hang in there both of you!

  3. Hope Mae and you would keep well.

  4. hope mae and ur new baby will stay strong!!

  5. Oh dear. All I know is, if she's feeling really sick, mostly, it's a good sign. But with the bleeding, just as long as you guys continue to touch base with ur dr/ should be ok.
    take care mae. i feel for you. I went through 3 horrible times in the first tri. u take care too james.

  6. One day at a time, Ponytail.
    Thanks Najah. Hope it gets better for you too.
    So far so good, Gina. Mae is still suffering.
    Thanks, Peekaboo.
    We did, Mott. Got us a hormone jab too. Mae, I mean. :)

  7. I'm in my 8th and went through some bleeding about two weeks ago. Turned out to be a bruised cervix. Was given hormone pills to shove up there and after that, all was good.
    And I feel Mae's pain. My morning sickness is crazy and comes just as I hit the sack at night. =.=