Thursday, October 16, 2008


Mae and I have been consciously prepping our boy for the arrival of his new baby sister or brother. And we decided, it might be cool to include him in some of our decisions pertaining to our coming attraction.

"What name would you like to give our new baby?" I ask Jesse, half expecting him to say "Ultraman Dyna", or "Tony Stark". But that was not to be.

"Ethan!" he answers. A little too decisively for a four-year-old, I thought. Mae agreed. And so she pressed on, "Why?"

"So that Jesse can ask him," our little boy carefully articulates, "have you Ethan? (eaten)". And he proceeds to laugh his ass off at the little joke he made.

"See?" Mae scowls at me, "this is the kind of stuff you teach him."

I was, of course, guilty as charged. I said that to him that one day when he came home from visiting his little cousin, Baby Ethan. He thought it was hilarious. And now he's decided to return the favour.

I had taught my boy humour. Am I cool or what? :)


  1. That was one funny shit that Jesse said!!!!!! My goodness! He takes after u in every aspect! mae dont be jeles!

  2. eh... you taught him how to make fun of people's name leh... LOL! :P

  3. wow! impressive!!! how old is he??

  4. LOL. Very wicked for a 4 year old. Haha. And its funny.

  5. hehehe.. payback from jesse.
    VERY cute! n_n
    Happy for you and Mae, and can't wait for baby to come out and play with us. *grins*

    yes, you are super cool

  7. Gina, you know she is. :)
    He's four, Fashionasia!
    Eggy: Oops!
    Jason, if all else fails, we can sell him to a circus. :)
    Indeed. Hopefully the new kid's funny too, Maggie.
    Jethrel: Thank you, thank you. *ahem*