Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hero Worship

Boys will be boys. We like our heroes and we wanna be them. Jesse started off with Spiderman. He'd sing the theme song, wear the costume and play the toys. Then he progressed to Superman - to the extent of ripping off his shirt in public too. Heh. Then it was Batman. Then it was Ultraman.

I'm really not as excited as I look. Promise.

Ultraman lasted for quite awhile too. To the point where Mommy and Daddy were chasing Ultraman around town, when he made his appearance here some months back. We paid good money and lined up like idiots just for a shot with Jesse's hero. Bought him plenty of Ultraman toys too. Thankfully these are relatively cheap if you get the el-cheapo China-made knock-offs. Then suddenly, lo and behold, he's onto something else.

"Daddy, can you buy me an Iron Man mask?" Jesse enquired. "And also Iron Man shirt?" the boy added. I haven't seen these anywhere. And besides, even if they were available, they'd be frickin' expensive. "Daddy will make you a mask," I countered. And as quickly as I had said it, I forgot all about it. But not the boy. Kids are like elephants. They never forget.

"Serves you right for making promises," the wife mocked. And so I ended up putting in some overtime at the office last night keeping my promise. Heh. Anyway, I cheated a little on the construction, but I intend to make it up someday. Hopefully, before he's on to the next thing. Still, he's all hyped-up about it. Even gave me a hug of appreciation. :)

Iron Man Jesse
Tony, Tony, Bo-Bony...

Oh, BTW, you hardly ever hear girls say they wanna be Wonder Woman or anything. But I once had a cousin who did proclaim with conviction, "I wanna be Wonder Woman!" Today, he's turned out to be a very gay and happy man. But I'm sure that was purely coincidental. *ahem*

And hey, eat some Goofy Pills.


  1. mate, i saw iron man mask at cine leisure. lower ground at the dvd store. or was it the toy store near the dvd store. good luck hunting....

  2. Woah! That's a very good try! :D two thumbs up for effort!

  3. ooo..bond as in underwear. heh

  4. My No.2 too said he wanted to be wonder woman.
    but... he likes looking at the bond girls.
    so how? hehehehehehehehehehehhehe

  5. HK: Thanks bro. Probably costs a bomb. :)
    Nahlah Gina, it just looks better in the photo.
    Bond Girls, Mott? Starting them young, huh?