Thursday, February 5, 2009


Let me first declare right here, right now that I am possibly the worst candidate for politics. So, if anytime in the future I should ever attempt to take office anywhere, you can print out this blog entry to make banners or placards to discredit me and destroy my campaign.

I have never seen 10 million bucks in my life. Heck, I've never even seen a million. But I'm pretty sure that if you offered me 10 million buckaroos, I'll gladly jump ship. In fact, for half the amount, on top of defecting, you can spank my ass and call me Mary if that's what pleases you.

Hmm. Maybe I am cut out for politics after all.


  1. That's what my dad said too. If you are offered millions to jump ship, why not you? Afterall, you might not even make one million as long as you live. LOL.
    how to be rich? be a politician and wait to get paid to jump ship.

  2. Yeah Gina. I wonder what the deal is like. I'm pretty sure no one gets one lump sum at a go. I mean, that person can always just take the money and run. This has gotta be some Bayaran Ansuran kind of arrangement.