Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Girl Power


27 weeks and all girl

Last Friday, Doc confimed that we were indeed, without a doubt, looking at a little girl in Mae's belly. 100% sure. So it's no longer just a guess or wishful thinking.

That means we'll be buying plenty of dresses, hair clips, pink stuff, barbie dolls, chastity belt, and other girlie things. Which is a good thing. If we had yet another boy, the poor little guy will no doubt be inheriting a lot of Jesse's hand-me-downs. And the poor kid might feel a little slighted that Daddy and Mommy never gets him anything new. And that would eventually lead to resentment, feelings of inadequacies and expensive psychotherapy bills. So yeah, girl is good.

Also, it'll be a totally new experience for Mae and me. How do little baby girls behave? What do they like? How do they manipulate their parents? What do they eat? It's all very exciting.

Anyway, now that we know, it's time to get cracking on the shopping and stuff. We're steadily collecting a whole repertoire of pink things from mitts to booties, to jumpers, to towels and such. We'll also need to get bottles and diapers and a cot and car seat and playpen. All the ones we bought for Jesse have been either given away or are in bad shape.

Imagine that. A little girl of own, to complement our little family. It's wonderfulicious! Quick, quick, congratulate me again. :)


    Enjoy, girls are very naughty, worse than their brothers at time. :P

  2. Gong Hei Gong Hei!!!
    another daughter-in-law candidate for me... LOL!

  3. congratulations. as i recall the first two years, she wouldn't be much different from her brother, maybe even more adventurous and nakal and lasak because she has a teacher/buddy.

  4. congratulations . .
    good job indeed .. 1 boy 1 girl means good right ..
    well .. be prepare for the worst ..
    i have one little devil princess at home .. and 1 more little princess on the way ..
    ppl always said girl is better more obedient .. well .. those old tales no longer works today ..
    as u say ..girl power . they are darn naughty.

  5. Congratulations! Hehe. Will this be the last child or might be going for the third one?

  6. Hee hee...remember these wise words....
    "Even 3 year old girls can have boyfriends".

  7. congrats! little girls are so fun to shop for...=)) and how boy, one girl!

  8. Congrats!! Perfecto, a gal and a boy. I suppose gals are much easier to handle than baby boys. But more "manja" i guess:)

  9. congratulations again!!! it's exciting times indeed for your family. hehe.

  10. I heard the same, Naoko. :)
    Hahah. Egghead. You wanna put booking fees first?
    Oh boy, KI, this will get very interesting. :)
    Hahah... LX, I think naughty kids are more fun.
    Jason: One boy, one girl, and one surprise!
    That's worrying, MOTT. Hahah... for the boyfriend.
    Thanks, Sooyin. 2 boys and 2 girls would be even better though I'm sure the wife will disagree.
    I dunno, Yvonne. Not from what these folks are saying. :)
    Exciting times, Angel. :)

  11. Congratulation. Having a different gender from your 1st baby is so exciting. My 1st is a girl, they are less cranky and easier to take care. They tend to stick to their daddy (opposite attract). Good luck and enjoy!

  12. haha that egghead is hunting his potential DIL everywhere! well, if it's his potential DIL, that will be my potential god-daughter-in-law too...
    haha. congrats, james, mae, and jesse! so is your princess gonna have a name that starts with 'M'? as Jesse picks up your 'J', a daughter should follow Mae's?
    congrats once again!

  13. I've got a son, but I must say it could eitehr be a real challenge to have a girl or it could be a blessing... we're 4 boys in the family with our youngest sibling as a girl, and she's totally bratty and spoiled. she gets what she wants. :P

  14. Congratulations again! Boys are cheekier and girls are more manja especially with daddy. Just you wait. She'll have you all nicely wrapped up in her little finger in no time at all. Hahaha.

  15. Sticks to Daddy eh, Mrs Wallace? I can't wait. :)
    Greenapple, we weren't really thinking about. In fact, we're trying not to impose our own identities upon our kids, but somehow, it happening as you said it... oh well.
    I know what you mean Basti. I'm already planning on how we're gonna let her wrap us around her little finger.
    Indeed, Mumsgather. Like I said to Basti.
    Thanks again, BabeKL.

  16. Congratulations again!!!
    Girls are made of sugar and spice and all things nice...hee hee hee
    Definitely higher maintenance and they have this ability to melts a Daddy's heart and make the Daddy feel like a hero!

  17. Your little girl will eat cookie lah! Hahaha! Ah.. finally.. a little girl. So happy for you! :D but no Madeleine please ah. HAHA!

  18. Girls have that kind of power, Ponytail. They do. :)
    Thanks Beckz!
    Luckily it's not your decision, Gina. Hahahah!