Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bad Moon Rising

I was reading in the papers today about a sudden appearance of thousands of mudskippers in Gurney Drive. Apparently, some experts think that this is an indication of the cleanliness of the beaches in Gurney.
GEORGE TOWN: Penang’s famed Gurney Drive has a new slippery attraction for locals and tourists – thousands of spotted brown mudskippers can be seen flipping and hopping around the 100m-long mudflat just beyond the embankment wall over the past several months. The presence of the amphibious fish is believed to be a telling sign of the cleanliness-level in the coastline.
So, thousands of these little buggers are here cos it's so clean? Or is there, perhaps, another reason? How about the 400 dead turtles washed up on Bangladesh's beaches just last week?
Dhaka, Feb 10 (APP): Thousands of dead sea turtles are found being washed ashore along the coastal lines from Cox’s Bazar to St Martin’s island in the Bay of Bengal with bruises all over their bodies. The mass circulation Daily Star, quoting locals in Cox’s Bazar reported Tuesday, over 400 female dead turtles have floated ashore over the last two weeks alone. Experts say that these turtles meet their death as they travel the stretch of nearly 120 kilometres from Sonadia Island in Cox’s Bazar to St Martin’s island to lay eggs on the shore.
And it doesn't end there. Hawaii's got some stuff up their beaches too. Although it's a monthly affair, it's a little creepy that suddenly 700 jellyfishes are washed ashore.
HONOLULU - Officials closed Hanauma Bay on Wednesday morning because of the monthly influx of box jellyfish that washed onto Oahu's south shore beaches. About 700 jellyfish were found on Waikiki Beach with another 100 on Ala Moana Beach Park, according to the city's Ocean Safety and Lifeguard Services Division.
I dunno about you, but I'm starting to think that perhaps our seafood is trying to tell us something. Philippines's got a phenomenon too with dolphins.
Manila, Feb 10 (Xinhua) More than 100 dolphins were found stranded at the coast of a northern Philippine town early Tuesday, the local media reported.
It doesn't end there. Dead whale in France! And this was just 2 days ago.
CHERBOURG (AFP) — A French fisherman found the corpse of a humpback whale caught up in his net, excited conservationists said Monday, noting that the species is extremely rare in Channel waters. "It's a historic moment for the region. You could count the number of humpback sightings off France over the past two centuries on your fingers," said Gerard Muger, of the Cotentin Whale Studies Group in Normandy.
And just 2 weeks back, hundreds of live fighting conch shells wash ashore in Florida.
It looked like an amazing phenomenon on Bonita Beach, but it was really just a quirk of nature. Hundreds of live fighting conch shells washed up on the sand this morning. Many were flapping their hard, dark foot as if signaling for help. The shells lined the beach along the dry sand and the wet sand just above the water line while even more rolled in the shallow surf just inches from the beach. “I’ve never seen it like this,” said Paul Salay of Bonita Springs, who said he regularly visits the beach.
I got a bad feeling somethings going down. It's too much of a coincidence for these things to be happening within just two weeks. I remember reading reports of marine life being washed ashore just before the Boxing Day Tsunami of '04, and I'm thinking that perhaps these events over the last couple of weeks may be some kind of warning sign.

I'm staying the hell away from beaches.


  1. Oh no.. the Vogons are coming to build an intergalactic motorway!

  2. You know, I am agreeing with you. I dont think all these are coincidences. I saw a documentary recently that they say Krakatua is due to erupt again...Choi choi choi.
    Yeah, stay away fm the beach.

  3. good observations. thanks for the heads up ... hopefully these are just coincidence. hopefully.

  4. the mudskippers are probably planning to take over penang, then the world.

  5. I'm from the Philippines, and the only weird thing about it is that it happened after the eclipse...
    they said there was a seaquake or something of that sort...

  6. Kenneth, just think of the quality of our poetry after this. :lol:
    Hmm... I waited all weekend, but nothing happened wor, Anjali. :)
    It's all Google, Greenapple. :)
    No, Simon. That's BN.
    Hey there, Basti. I guess it would have to be something major like that to have caused it.

  7. Eh.. i heard that some place in the world, there's a mass migration of sting rays too!
    You don't have to look far for tell tale signs..a friend said, before the tsunami in 2004, hundreds of weird looking ants sprung out of nowhere and they seemed to be migrating some place. she waited for the ants to get out from the house.. a day later, tsunami happened.
    Just last month, same thing again. then, a day later, a strong earthquake hit Manado.. some 7 at Richter scale.

  8. Hey, there is def. some strange things going on. Some whales got beached in oz recently...and...
    My house just SHOOK!!!!!!!! The entire house was shaking like a very very very very fat person running by....
    And you know what? I just sat there..wondering how the heck does one prepare for earthquakes????

  9. Nothing so far, Gina. False alarm, I guess. Just nature's way of screwing with us. Hahah.
    Wow, MOTT. Hide under the table or something.