Monday, February 23, 2009

Brotherly Love

On Saturday, we lost Jesse's jacket at the supermarket. The boy taking it off and putting on again, just for the fun of it and somewhere along the way, we must have dropped it.

On the way home, when the reality that his favourite jacket was gone hit him, he started wailing. And quite melodramatically, too. (He gets it from his mother, I swear). To further dramatise his loss, he starts imagining things.

"A baby took my jacket," he sobbed. "I don't like the baby anymore!"

We were a little disturbed that perhaps he might be laying some blame on his little unborn sister in Mommy's tummy. I had read that kids tend to feel threatened by a new sibling.

"You don't like our baby anymore?" I asked our son in the saddest tone of voice I could muster.

"No! It was another baby!" he protested, his crying now toned down a couple of notches. "Baby Madeleine is a good baby," he added assuringly and earnestly, "I love our baby very much."

It was heartwarming to hear that our little boy can have so much love for his little unborn sister. It was like the way we had loved him while we waited for his arrival. It might be a little too soon to tell, but I think they're gonna get along fine.

And incidentally, Big Brother has also decided that his baby sister is going to be named Madeleine because he's convinced that the name is wonderful for her. :) More on that soon.


  1. sweet! I love that name very much. Maddie.
    OOPSS! That was the name of the 3 year old girl who had a boyfriend chained to her!

  2. I prefer Cookie leh. LOL.

  3. who is the 'other' baby?
    i hope jesse's not seeing things???

  4. Aiyah.. really madeleine ah? LOL! Ok.

  5. It's still a nice name, despite the psychos attached to them, MOTT. Kakakaka!
    Yeah, Anjali. Got a nice ring to it, eh?
    He does that a lot, Bonnie. I worry.
    Sure looks like it, Gina.