Monday, April 6, 2009

Out for a Stroller

We're in the market for a stroller when we stumbled upon this thing of beauty. The Quinny Zapp is a Dutch-made stroller that works with a car seat. And when Baby grows up some, just say "hey presto" (and pay another 900 bucks or so) and Quinny Zapp magically turns into a stroller for toddlers. Best of all, it folds into a really compact little package!

This is currently going for RM899 at Planeté Enfants, for the structure and the Maxi-Cosi infant car seat. RM899 is pretty pricey, but then again, it is both a stroller as well as a car seat. After all, a good infant car seat is about RM300 - RM400, and a baby stroller is about that much as well, which is the argument I make to Mae. Because I'm totally in awe of it, this wonderous thing of beauty and genius. So much so, you'd think I was getting into it.quinny-zapp

And later, we can add another 900 bucks or so, and Baby can get into if until she's 5 or 6. Or we could take the whole lot now for just RM1699, as opposed to its regular price of a little over 2 grand. But damn, even at RM 1699 it IS a lot of money to spend on a kid.

But I want it so badly. And by that, I mean I want it for my Baby so badly. Heh. So badly, that I'm willing to starve my sorry ass for a few months to make this happen. Should I?


  1. You already know you want it right? You are just seeking "confirmation" from us to ease your errm... half-past guilt. Hehe.
    Yes, you should. Buy it! :D

  2. Just take the total cost, and divide by the no of mths baby will use it.. :D
    I had a baby carseat stroller combo last time - it was a joy to have, esp when baby falls asleep in it. You don't need to wake up baby by carrying her out of her carseat. Trust me, you will thank your lucky stars you got it when baby refuses to sleep at home and will only fall asleep when you take her for a drive!

  3. Are the rate you're going..the stroller is like a damn cool gadget you gotta have. :-D
    Just buy it la..if not there might be sleepless nights. Kekeke..

  4. The three kids in my house made do without a baby car seat or a stroller and they ended up just fine and dandy.

  5. Hahaha! I was like you once when deciding to get a Maxi Cosi too! So I think I knew how u felt now...the urge to get that beauty!!! he he he
    Mine was pondering whether I should get the maxi cosi priori XP when Zoe outgrow her borrowed infant car seat.
    No regrets buying it and the quality is very good. I bought it at RM899 also (Ouch!) and its already discounted price.
    Planete Enfants is having sale now and 899 is quite a good price lah. The only complain I heard from friends using the toddler stroller is it cannot recline fully. Really up to u and your pocket lor :p

  6. .... if you have bloody lotsa money buy it cos it'll last a good 3 years... wait... what's that? only 3 years??? hahaaa....cos after that no kid's gonna fit into it anymore. of course... if you plan to have more kids.... then why not...
    if you don't have that kinda money... no point starving your sorry ass for it.... better invest in some good medical plan for the kids or something like that.

  7. :lol: Jason! /slap!
    Good point, Kat. Never really thought of that, cos Jesse never took to the car seat at all. Right now our criteria is something light and/or something compact.
    It is damn cool, isn't it, Ann? Hahah!
    You probably didn't have one too, Gina, and look how you turned out. Brrr... I shudder at the thought. Heheheh!
    Hmm... maybe I should borrow and infant car seat too, Ponytail. That would solve my problems.
    Good point, Jason. I retract my slap. Hahaha!

  8. Hiya...Ponytail is right, the Zapp cannot recline fully, so that's a point to consider. Also, when we were searching for a stroller previously and Planete Enfants had this sort of promotion, we found out that it's only limited to two colours and it's the previous year's model.
    We ended up buying the Quinny Buzz + Maxi-Cosi infant car seat from's a little bit cheaper there. Of course, that's after I spent months drooling over the Stokke Xplory before resignedly concluding that there's no way we could ever afford it...*sobs*

  9. Looks like it was designed by a former golf caddy..

  10. chances are, 2nd time daddy here already bought it :P

  11. yes.. I turned out to be fine and dandy what.. educated, self providing, never give people problems except people i hate. I am okay mah! :D

  12. Quinny Buzz is too rich for our blood, Sooyin. We'll have to fast for half a year! Hahaha!
    Stevo: But its cool, no?
    No such luck, Oli. :)
    Of course you are, Gina. Hahaha!

  13. We bought the Zapp for Idris cos we were travelling quite a bit at the time and fitting the old stroller in the boot or bringing it on the flight was just too much of a hassle. Lucky for us, we got a great deal at Mothercare SG at the time. He used it very often over a period of more than a year and despite the fact that it doesn't recline, it was a great investment (being so small and light, we used it more often than the Graco we bought much earlier).
    Now we're considering converting our existing infant car seat (Graco) to the Maxi Cosi again due to size and weight. After all, the purpose of these things is to enable mobility while keeping your baby safe. Being pretty also helps, but the ergonomics are much better than a lot of things on the market.

  14. Thanks Najah. It's good to hear a real review about the thing. :)

  15. Very well Put about the stroller. Your review is right on point there and it sounds lovely. Thanks in advance and we at Planete Enfants and Mamours continue to care for all bundles of Joys.
    Planete Enfants and Mamours