Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Baby Wants Out

"Look, Look," Mae calls out to me excitedly pointing at her belly. She had pulled up her shirt to observe our little girl in action, and the little tyke did not disappoint.

Baby was moving about in the belly, her every move visible as she stretched her way around Mae's overtly bulbous belly. Every now and then, she'd even yank at the umbilical cord or something, causing Mommy's now protruded navel to sink back in. It was the weirdest thing! Just like that extra-terrestrial creature right before it popped out of John Hurt's stomach in Alien.

"She's always moving upwards too," Mae complains, "and that always makes me want to puke."

I think she wants to come out through Mommy's mouth. Either that or via the emergency hatch though Mae's belly button. Which explains why she keeps on yanking at the ejection seat lever.

This is gonna be one fiesty little monkey girl. Just the ideal companion for the agile little monkey boy we already have.


  1. Wah.. one happy simian family! Haha!

  2. hi!!! its been donkey yrs since i last read ur blog n i just heard that u were having another bub around the same time as we are so i thought i stop by and say hello. :)) we're due 20/4...n having a girl too. when are u guys due?

  3. Indeed, Gina.
    Hey Mistyeiz, congrats to you. We're due a month after you. May 16.

  4. ahh finally i know ur date - heh assumed u both were about the same time - weeee cant wait to see the little ones - god bless both of you - now going back to hiding hehehhe
    been busyla ;p but i still read u guys n i still wanna meet jesse one of these days ;p

  5. Hey Visithra, maybe we'll bump into each other one day. :D