Friday, February 13, 2004

Baby's Eighty-Three!

almost as big as daddy

Today, we got a second look at Baby, and *fuuhh*, how's he's grown!! Baby is 83 days old today and as the ultrasound shows, is shaping up nicely. He's about 52 mm long and his head is approximately 20 mm wide! He was so tiny just a month back. Praise God!

Baby is that white little-guy lying at the bottom of that black oval-shaped thingy. His head is on the right and at the other end is the butt, of course That white horizontal line at the bottom of Baby is his left arm. And that white speck above baby seems to be Baby giving us the thumbs-up... or the finger, we'll never really know! Hahhah!

You would notice that I no longer refer to baby as a she cos Doc suspects it's a boy. We can't really tell for sure but we're seeing this prominent appendage between the legs which could be Baby's little birdie or it might just be the umbilical cord. Doc says we'll need to wait a couple more weeks when we can see the full set of genitals. Doc thinks we've got a pistol there, but until we see the bullets it's still really anybody's guess!

If Baby turns out to be a boy, he'll be an heir to my throne - as my brother Jeff says. Unfortunately for Baby, the only throne I have is white, made of porcelain, and manufactured by the good people at GBH! Heh! Poor kid!


  1. it`s a HE now?

  2. Congrats James! Am sure you'll make a fab papa - whether boy or girl. and yeah, thanks for visiting my blog.

  3. awww.... daddy is gushing and bursting with pride. well, glad that the little one is doing fine now.
    would suggest u bring a digital camera to your next visit. cheaper that way that one can get more pictures and also talk some videos at the same time!

  4. Doc THINKS its a boy, Gina. But that's OK too!!! Just imagine it, a mini-me! MUahahhahahHAHa!!
    Thanks Fly! Even if I don't exactly make the cut as a "fab papa" I still have a good excuse - first time, mah! ;)
    Good thinking, Wena! I am planning on getting digital cam, but not sure which one!