Monday, February 16, 2004

Is It Mental?

This is just gonna come off sounding insensitive, but it's something that needs to be said. I have this great big suspicion that a pregnant woman's symptoms are largely a mental thing.

Mae was pregnant for some weeks before we discovered she was preggers. Her monthly "affair" was a little erratic but other than that, she felt practically nothing. No headaches. No vomiting. Nothing. Anyway, she decides to visit a gynecologist to see what was wrong. Doc confirms the fact and suddenly all hell breaks loose!!! The very next moment, she started feeling queasy, she wanted to hurl and all that!

Turns out, Mae wasn't the only one who had it like that. A close friend experienced the same thing. She was feeling top of the world until her Clearblue showed positive! Immediately after, the morning sickness set it. Similarly, one of Mae best buddies, Soopy had pretty much the same thing. The thing is, when she entered her 2nd trimester, the symptoms went away as mysteriously as it had appeared. Apparently, she wakes up on the first day of her 2nd trimester and decides that it was gonna be okay! And she was.

So I decide to try out my theory. Mae's 2nd trimester was scheduled on 15th Feb. But I figured, since Valentine's Day was on the 14th, perhaps I'd just tell her that 2nd trimester starts on V-Day and she'll be feeling perfect. If I could cheat one day from her, perhaps she can enjoy V-day. Yes, it was audacious, but then Mae is this blurry girl when it comes to dates and calculations so what the heck!! Hehhehheh!!

Tragically, it didn't work. So there goes another wonderful theory (I have lots of these!) down the drain. I wonder if any husband out there ever tried this, or is it just me and my harebrained schemes?


  1. Haha. Nice try James. But you should know by now that a woman knows better. ;P

  2. Just like age, it's a mind over matter thing. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter.
    While reading this, I was nodding my head comprehending, emphatising.
    Then I was curious... Would this work on a firewalker graduate?
    Anyway, James, it was good attempt! Not a tragic thing that it didn't work but at least you learn something from it, eh.
    "Nothing has power over me other than that which I give it with through my conscious thoughts" - Anthony Robbins ®

  3. Yes, yes, Fly... it's that woman's intuition thing isn't it? It's damn creepy... haahah :lol:
    Hehhe... always with the Anthony Robbins. :) I'd like to see Anthony Robbins pregnant! Waahhahahah...!!!!

  4. Well honey, he does not need to be pregnant to achieve results.
    Eitherway, I'm happy with his impact on my life. :P

  5. poor daddy. ah well.
    ur fridge will be filled with cabbage leaves soon. after the baby is born, that is.