Saturday, February 7, 2004

Lip Service

Every now and then, we learn a new thing about Mae's pregnancy. Today was of those days. Today being a day off, we decided that we'd run some errands, do some banking and paying of bills and such.So, there we were readying ourselves when Mae decided that today she must look good. Never mind that we were just going to the bank. And never mind that she'd probably just stay in the car anyway, she decided that she must look her best anyhow.

So she yells out to me from the bedroom and declared that she would put on some lipstick since she looked pale. To which I answered, "You look fine!". She replies, "But you always said my lips are pale." I never say that. Not aloud, anyway! So I tell her that I've always thought she looked nice. And that she had nice lips. And that I preferred her sans make-up.

I also rationalise to her that we're just running some errands. And that we're not really going anywhere. But as I have said before, when my wife goes into her throes of vanity, there's just no talking to her! So like a woman possessed, she ignores me completely and announces that she would put Cyber Pink today. And she does.

And then the funniest thing happened! She started frantically spitting and spewing and wiping Cyber Pink off her lips. I was worried at first but then I realised she was OK. Apparently due to her pregnancy, the smell of Cyber Pink was now unbearable!! And so I did what any man would in instances such as these. I laughed. Out loud. Thankfully, our relationship is built on fun and laughter. And some say, insanity.

An advice to guys: Don't try this at home. Most pregnant women will resort to murder at the slightest provocation.


  1. Visited Pilot Boy's new kid today, Baby Brian. So darn cute. All so fair and pinkish.
    Pilot Boy was bragging about his wife, Chris, not even have to go thru hell like Mae does. Chris happily carried the baby with no problem at all.. even went to Milan for holiday while she was 5-6 months pregnant. And did some tile shopping when pushing 8 months (witnessed by Fibi).
    well, everyone differs. Wish Mae lots of good luck.

  2. Yeah. Different strokes for different folks. BTW some people think that if the morning sickness is real bad, chances are its a girl!!! :)

  3. wah...sounds like Mae has it really really bad.
    as for baby girls, if it is a gal, u're going to be hit by a ton of bricks i.e. she's going to have you wrapped around her finger.

  4. Getting so political and Smug Married. I'm reading this like someone doomed to Singleton. Either way, happy for you. Love children!
    The more the merrier, no wonder the Berlingo ;)

  5. Both mother and baby's already got me wrapped around their fingers right now, Wena! :)
    You? Singleton? Naaah!!!! Well, if you like kids, hurry up and get married and make your own! Bwahahahah! Then you can get a Berlingo too!

  6. I don't want a Berlingo coz you have it already. Maybe the Kangoo.
    I cannot just "marry". Nor can I just "have children".
    Send me a man worthy.