Saturday, October 8, 2005

Attack of the Worms

Captain's log from the Starship Intrepid, Stardate 071005. Reporting from the Earth's Orbit in the Solar System.
The situation has gotten dire over the last 48 hours. The worms have breached our vessel and are now attacking from within. These insidious creatures are all around, and they are invisible to the naked eye. We have no visual of the enemy. We are fighting blind, and our defenses are helpless against such a devious adversary. Our encounter with the Bug Colony of the Lunar System is a pale comparison to the threat we now face. First Mate, Lt. Mae has begun to show symptoms, even as Petty Officer Sgt. Jesse's condition deteriorates. If the situation persists, I fear that this might be the last transmission that I make. To anyone find this log, may you never have to endure such horror. Godspeed.
Okay, okay, we got worms! Well, actually Jesse's got worms. Apparently, all kids after the age of one should have a good collection of worms in them. So, our doctor recommends that we deworm him. And since we're doing that, my stepmom suggests that we get rid of our worms too, since we're handling the kid and we could very well pass some new ones on to him.

So, yes, in the next couple of days, Jesse, Mae, Roma and I will have worms crawling out of our asses. Now close your eyes and picture that... Mmmm....


  1. Has worms? Gotta deworm? Jesse lost his appetite? Eat "combandrin" or something.

  2. Aw... Poor things.
    You made the whole procedure sound like you're going to de-worm doggies, Uncle James!! :p

  3. Argh! Invasion Of The Body Snatchers!!

  4. eat chillies. die worms die! :P

  5. At first glance, I tot your PC infected with worms. Opps. Yeah tell us more, how did you find out that Jesse has worms?

  6. Go deworming! Hmmmm... the last time we had a deworming in our house is on Snoopy.

  7. hmmm.... how did you find out that jesse has worms??
    and when you deworm yourself, do worms literally come crawling out when you poo??? might try it myself!
    looking forward to the next update :)

  8. Aiks! I deworm my cats but I did not know kids also get them? I thought it was a thing in the past.

  9. You made Jesse sounds like a pet. Ha ha ha!
    How come the two kids in my house tarak worms? Already 3 years old.

  10. *Yuk* Reminding me of the hell I went through when I was little...

  11. hmmm... we actually made my boiboi to deworm even though it was not needed hehehe si beh kiasi!

  12. James, the worms won't be crawling out of your behing-lar...
    ...they'll most probably be dead by the time you pass them out.
    (Coincidentally, I'm also doing my bi-annual deworming today.)

  13. errmmm i didnt know grown ups also can have worms :-s , i remember in my days de-worming medication or wht ever u call it , tasted yucky thou they claimed it was orange flavoured :-s , poor jesse has to go thru tht ordeal

  14. Hey at least, there's deworming syrup now. During those days, my dad's mum/my grandmum will give my dad drink some chinese deworming sup, and usually the worms will come out ALIVE, and if it sticks to your butt, you have to pull it out. And it might be jumping on your shit... GROss...

  15. Puke! Are you absolutely sure? Ewwsss....
    I did he get it? Got pets? Otherwise, rarely kids get it leh.

  16. hmmm... you also star trek fans??
    I got the whole Voyager series :P
    as for worms... can you believe it that animals take the same medicines as humans for deworming??

  17. about a new recipe for Spicy Fried Worms, ala the infamous CKT recipe. With step-by-step pictures too!. :lol:

  18. I am a trekkie fan too.. am looking for Voyager :)... trying to get a fren to download it for me. ha ha ha ha..
    as for worms.. man.. the last time I had it.. was in college.. no thanks to my uncle's dog.. I had itchybum syndrome.
    i think the worms are the same.. so can use zentel, combantrine, etc etc..
    what's interesting I tasted this banana flavoured milk the other day.. it reminded me of combantrine.. ha ha ha

  19. It's more a precautionary measure, Primrose.
    It does sound like that, doesn't it, Silly Pat?
    Not yet, Big BoK!
    It's more like Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, Sashi. :lol:
    That must work Belacans, since I have no worms.
    Wanna pic, Wingz? :lol:
    We didn't, Michelle. Just that some doctors do tell us to do de-worming when the kid turns one.
    And you didn't take some, Yvonne?
    I have no idea how they come out, Adriene.
    I assumed that too, Boo. Maybe the doctors just think we look dirty. Hehh!
    How would you know if you didn't deworm them, Gina?
    I remember mine too, X-Rich's Gal! :lol:
    I think we're in the same boat, Babe. So far it's been 3 days and no worms yet.
    That's a pity, Maggie. Crawling worms can provide endless hours of entertainment. :lol: So, how come you have a bi-annual deworming?
    Yeah Deepsy, he hated the syrup. Ours, however was in tablet form.
    Hahahah... so what happens, Jason? You grandma gives you the stuff and wait behind you for the critters to come out!? :lol:
    I dunno if he actually has it, Lilian. He's appetite for solids is on the decline. For some reason, a few doctors have recommended that we do a deworming just in case. But so far, nothing...
    Actually no, Egghead. I never saw a single episode of Star Trek. And are you sure about the animal thing? Euww...
    Bleh Anjali, you just want pictures of worms crawling out of our asses. Admit it! :)
    Hahh, I'm dying to know how you got worms from your uncle's dog, Paulos!!! So, who's been playing with the dog eh?

  20. hey...there is a pill for d-worming. it will kill all worms before it crawls out from *there* u dont see any worm when u poopoo.

  21. Well, James, that's because I live in India!

  22. *wrinkles nose in disgust* ewww! James, dat's totally gross. A spaghetti-making machine comes to mind heh heh ;)
    Fuh-nee, i don't think i've ever had worms before - THANK YOU GOD!

  23. yikes...didn't know had to de-worm kid once they turn one... maybe that's why kid no.1 keeps scratching his ass..... aarrrgghhh...but i haven't seen any worms coming out of ass... hmmmmmm
    all this talk about ass...

  24. my mum & I once shared a taxi with a malay lady & her very sick child. I was still in primary school then. It was a long trip when suddenly the little gal wanted to puke.. and puke she did!! Out came a loooooooooooong, wiggly worm from her mouth!! That's damn shitty man...

  25. Dog faeces..
    When we're not looking... the dog drops a bit of poop on the carpet.. *conniving dog* probably by rubbing his butt on the carpet.. .
    Then we walk barefoot here and there..
    And I bet you were wondering how it happened huh?
    Too much of an imagination james.. not healthy.. ha ha ha.. wonder how Jesse will turn out.. *grin*

  26. That's the one wee took Miche!
    Say no more, Maggie. :lol:
    But you're so thin, Chun. For all you know, you have plenty of worms fighting you for the food you eat!!! :lol:
    Yikes, they come out an tickle his butt ah, MOTT?!
    Whoa, Sharon! That would have been a Kodak moment!
    Clever and imaginative, of course, Paulos! Just like daddy. Heheheh.