Tuesday, October 4, 2005


jesse takes the stage

The boy has become somewhat of an entertainer. He'd recently learnt to stand on his own. Even though he's a little too chicken to actually stand confidently, he still manages to stay standing for a minute or two. And naturally, we egg him on just to see if he'd take a step or two.

"C'mon boy, walk-walk," Mae and I would cheer him on. He'd usually just grin and sit back down on the floor where it's safe. But if you held him up by his hands, whoooo, the boy'd be walking tall.

Yesterday, at Mae's cousin's wedding luncheon, Roma takes the boy walking around the foyer of the restaurant. She then slowly eases her hands away and leaves the boy standing on his own. "Come Jesse, walk-walk," she said gesturing to him in her newly-learnt language.

And then the boy gives us this cheeky look, raises his hands and starts swinging his little body from side to side - drawing laughter from all of us and enjoying every moment of his stardom. Heh.

But no, Jesse still can't walk yet. But the boy can surely dance.


  1. did he do the "drunken-master" walk yet??

  2. So leng zhai... :D Man, the photo is so well taken, just as if professionally shot by a professional photographer. :D
    Jesse can consider of participating in the next Malaysian Idol since he is not stage fright and an entertainer.

  3. So handsome..! Can match make or not..?? with my brat..??

  4. wohooo lets take jesse clubbing, and let him rock every girls world :D , i believe ur lil baby boy is the next elvis :D
    *go jesse go jesse*

  5. awwww... one of the sweetest moment dat u'll never forget ;-)

  6. That is the cutest little outfit on Jesse.
    You will start wishing he never walked once he starts walking and wandering off on his own. :-)

  7. What a sweetie! Yeah, we've got another debonair dancer for Punct ;)

  8. When he really starts walking.. you'll be doing a lot of running after him :)

  9. wahlau...dance first b4 walking.
    he must learn this from somebody??? hmmm...who could that be if not from the parent :P

  10. *playing "The Entertainer" on piano to accompany the first walk*

  11. wow! he dance before he walks. someday he's going to be a famous dancer. :)

  12. No Egghead, Jesse is still just Drunken Novice. :)
    :lol: If he sounds anything like his father, then better not, Jason!
    Hahahah, you crack me up, BigBok!!!
    His mother will kill me if I took him clubbing, Deepsy.
    Yeah Babe, but too bad I didn't manage to catch it on camera.
    Revlon, I'm thinking "leash"! :lol:
    Hahha Chun, we'll see...
    That's why I'm training my stamina now, Annu.
    Must be his Mommy, Miche... ;)
    Hahah, maybe I should dress him up as Chaplin for the part, Primrose.
    Uh-oh, Lucia. :lol:
    Yes, Graceshu, but for everything else we've had to use our Mastercard! :lol:

  13. ooooo-eeeee!! he's so cute!!!!! *^_^*

  14. phew-wheettt!! *shake your bon-bon, shake your bon-bon* so cute....

  15. Will Jesse be an Elvis impersonator just like daddy? :lol:

  16. Hahha, thanks MidniteLily!
    Better not, Wingz. After we kena hate-mail!!! :lol:
    Oh, he shakes his bon-bons alright, Sharon!
    *piak* I am NOT and Elvis impersonator.