Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Of late, I had developed a raging desire to clog up my arteries with cholesterol and stuff my face with calories. Thanks in no large part to a barrage of visual attack to my senses - and all from one single blog, too! And so on Sunday we made our way to Kanna Curry House, their Kepong chapter which is a mere 5 minutes from my house. (This will be the death of me!).

As we sat down to eat, we settled Jesse in a Baby Chair. Now at his stage in his life, there isn't much that can hold his attention long enough for us to have a decent meal. But thankfully, since we almost always eat in lowbrow baby-friendly places owned by nice, understanding proprietors, Jesse usually gets a set of plastic cutlery and plate to occupy him for awhile. This time, however, the waiter gave our boy a Banana Leaf and a spoon. And Jesse, being Jesse is all ecstatic.

Seeing his enthusiasm, the other waiters soon started giving him other stuff. Pretty soon, he had on his banana leaf, a clump of rice, a little bit of veggie and a few pieces of Papadam. And he just went wild getting rice and crackers all over himself. It was a mess! But for the first time ever, Mae, Roma and I had our meals uninterrupted.

That's when we realised that Jesse just wants to eat with us, doing everything we do, and probably hoping to eat everything we eat. Heh. Since we were on a roll, we decided that it would be a good time to feed him too. And voila, whaddaya know, the boy eats more than he's ever eaten - probably thinking he was eating Kanna's famous Banana Leaf Rice. *sigh*

So there ya have it; a great parenting tip, courtesy of Kanna Curry House. If you're having trouble getting your kid to eat, let him eat together with you. You can even let him eat some of your food. Just be sure to hold the curry.


  1. was skeptical about manjalara's kanna. but it's better than SS2! i dunno what that coconuty kurma vege stuff, but damn on

  2. good for you there. Its hard enough to feed them and when they eat..lovely mess.*chuckle*
    Seen a baby eating garlic ? My niece starts eating slice sauteed garlic since she was 3 and even now she still loves it. Funny, to think about it. Some adult dont even eat them.

  3. banana leaf eateries are the absolute best! For some reason, they all love babies and tots...and especially if the lil one loves eating their food as well....... i love banana leaf rice.... ahh..drooolll...

  4. Great tip, James. Will pass that on to my friends who just got two babies. Looks like Kanna is expanding fast; two more outlets in Kepong and Jalan Gasing.

  5. Gah, same mistake, again! Last comment was mine.

  6. boo_licious: There's an outlet at Jalan Gasing? I'm going there tomorrow for my *last class*... there's only one mamak, two chicken rice shops, no banana leaf places...
    Coming soon?

  7. The only good place I know in Jalan Gasing is not Kanna it's Acha! With the famous boss doing magic tricks along side the father-in-law and mother-in-law curries, yummy!
    But you have to go earlier, Kanna I can roll in at 3.30pm and still have a great lunch.
    And yeah thanks for the tip!

  8. James, I am surprised that you only realised this now :P We do that when we go out for meals, never mind that we have to clean up a messy baby afterwards. At least we can have our meals uninterrupted and yes, they do eat more when they are eating with us :)

  9. Good tip..James.. thanks..! i will try it.. and let you know.. :)

  10. careful little Jesse might clog up his arteries with cholesterol and stuff his face with calories at such a tender age :P

  11. Isn't it, Kim? Kanna Kepong is my new favourite Kanna. :)
    Leo, check out KY's map on the crab place. It's on the same block!
    If I try to feed my kid sauteed garlic, Mae will kill me, Foodcrazee! :lol:
    Hmm, good observation MOTT. Jesse's always a hit at Banana Leaf restaurants!
    Yeah Boo, and one in SS2. You ought to compile a list! :)
    The mamak has since turned into a Kanna, Rajan! And stop impersonating your teacher. Is this some kind of fetish?
    Hohoho... I gotta find my way to Acha some day, ST. Magic tricks and Banana Leaf Rice are two of my favourite things. And to have them in one place... :lol:
    Hahah, we're slow on the uptake, Ariel. But I guess it's also cos we seem to always wanna try to keep him clean. But I guess there's nothing more natural than a messy baby.
    Do tell, MamaBok!
    :lol: Egghead!

  12. I didn't know you had problems. When I went to visit my friend and her year old son, we went to a nice restaurant to eat, and William put mac n cheese all over his hair! It was hilarious and he was having so much fun, he even reached over and grabbed my mashed potatoes. Sure some people might think it's rude, but the lil guy is just a kid. They like and need to explore his surroundings.
    When it comes time that my Stewie is to eat, he's definitely going to share some foods. And by share food, I mean play with his food! lol

  13. James,
    Off-topic but I thought you'd like to know I mailed your link (post) on Elin's Pandan Chicken around my office. Folks were excited and wanted som,e like today! Much of that had to do with your excellent 'review' and pics! Within just 2 hours, we had an order of 30 boxes from less than 10 people. We rang to ask if she could deliver to Cyberjaya. Apparently we were a bit late, she can't deliver till after Raya. Ah well, we'll just have to drool and wait, then. :)

  14. which part of menjalara? new or old hub??? faster tell... might go on fri hehehehe

  15. Oh I think she did her sums and checked her sked and decided she could deliver after all.

  16. Good for you Gwen. Now, to invest in some plastic clothing for the kids...
    Ah, so that was you Percolator! Bless your heart. Elin was excited she called me to tell me the good news. Looks like this little family is gonna have a nice little Raya after all. Thank you. Eternal gratitude!!!
    Babe: It's not the hubs. It's at the little housing area near the lake. If you came in from Jalan Kepong, you pass by Maluri on your left (remember where the 2 roundabouts used to be?) and you keep going until you arrive at the roundabout by the school. From there, take the 12 o'clock and make a right turn into the housing. You'll come to a row of shops. It's the last one!

  17. james,
    shortly after I posted, she rang back (it was my Muslim colleague she spoke to) to say, can deliver Friday morning. Yay!! All of us having Pandan Chix this weekend. The final order is 35 packs, I believe.

  18. Ah Jesse ever the show stealer ;p i think its that 1000 watt smile ;p

  19. Plastic clothing ... last time I checked they were called Ponchos :P lolol

  20. Thanks for the heads up, Percolator!
    1000W, eh, Visithra? :)
    Oh? We call ours plastic bags, Gwen! Hehehh!