Monday, October 17, 2005

Elin's Pandan Chicken: A USJ Subang Buka Puasa Special

elin's pandan chicken

This is a special plug. Elin is a single mother of three school-going kids, one of whom is my lovely little god-daughther. Today, she supports the family by helping maintain the cleanliness of a friend's office by day and making Pandan Chicken - a legacy of her Nyonya heritage. She's also a Muslim, which makes her Pandan Chicken quite halal for consumption. Which also makes this a really great and appropriate Buka Puasa treat!

Now Elin is pretty innovative given that her foray into the F&B industry is only just a recent development. She sells these tasty little nuggets as a frozen product, neatly packed into microwave-safe plastic containers and well, frozen in her very own freezer. Take this home and all you need to do is pop 'em into a wok of boiling oil and voila! instant Pandan Chicken just like Bibik Kim Neo used to make. Instant, being anything from 2 - 5 minutes, of course.

Pandan Chicken, if you have ever tasted the stuff, is marvel of Asian cuisine - something that is simple, yet simply delectable. A choice cut of boneless chicken dark meat lends the dish a tender, springy texture. Marinated with a broad hint of Tumeric (Kunyit), Elin's Pandan Chicken exudes a tasty, savoury flavour with a tinge of spicy hotness. But as any good connoisseur of Asian cooking will tell you, the coup-de-grace of any Pandan Chicken is in its pandan leaf wrapping. Upon cooking, the leaf-wrapping of the chicken will envelope every single morsel of the stuff with its wonderous aroma. And with every piece of Elin's Pandan Chicken, you can savour this wholesome goodness in your very own dining room.

So yes, buy a box of Elin's Pandan Chicken at a paltry sum of RM10.00 for a box of 10 bite-sized pieces. (Actually they're a little bigger than bite-size unless, of course, you have a humongous huge mouth! Impress your family and friends, and show your mother-in-law a thing or two when you serve up Elin's Pandan Chicken at dinner tonight. To order, call Elin at 012-919 3070 and you can pick up her yummy Pandan Chicken at UEP Goodyear Court 2, Subang USJ 6/1. And if you order a little bit more, she'll even find a way to drop them off at your house.

So if you fancy a little change in the menu or would simply like to make Raya a little better for this little family, do give Elin a call. You'll get a taste of some really nice Pandan Chicken. And as a bonus, you'll even get my eternal gratitude, and those of my entire family. And hey, if you enjoy it, please don't forget to pass the word. Selamat Berbuka Puasa.


  1. Thanks for sharing, it really looks yummy! My husband will love this as he's a pandan chicken fan :-) BTW, I adore your blog... you write about your wife and son beautifully. I even spent a night reading through your archives!

  2. Doesn't look so appealing to me for some reason >.> I just don't think pandan and chicken mix ... ah well ... give me good old honey roasted rottisserie chicken anyday.

  3. I had this kinda chicken when I ate at a Thai restaurant near sg buloh... damn delicious... also damn expensive too!

  4. wow, homecook, ok will try try. THX. Cheers!

  5. Awww mannnn... I'm too far away!

  6. oh gwen... u don't know what you're missing..
    I hvn't eaten it yet, but it looks absolutely scrumptilicious!
    James..thanks for that..always looking for good yummy chicken to eat... hahahahahahahahah...
    very enterprising mum..good on her...

  7. Ordered 4 just now. will be picking them up tomorrow...nyum nyumm...can't wait to taste them!...

  8. wah... it's like i'm reading an advertising campaign. james, leo-burnet should consider hiring you. :)
    i love to eat pandan chicken. i thought pandan chicken is a speciality of thai food? i usually ate it when in thai restaurant and they were very good.
    well if only i'm in subang, then i don't mind ordering elin's pandan chicken. i'm sure they'll be awfully delicious.

  9. lucia: Isn't James in the advertising industry to begin with?

  10. aiseh I'll definitely try it if I see it lah, but right now pictures only ._. trying not to get excited over it if i can't get it lol!!!

  11. you got to eat this stuff with nasi kunyit... hmmmm....

  12. wah lau yeh.. i wanna die looking at the chicken... fuhhh....

  13. My favourite..! now if only i was in malaysia..! i sure buy ALOT..!!
    good luck to your friend..! i'll make sure to try it.. when i come home for vacation..!!

  14. Wow. Thanks for dropping by Lyn. :)
    You've never had Pandan Chicken, Gwen!?!?
    Oh yeah, Egghead. Never easy to find cheap but good Thai food!
    And I made it all by myself, Wuching. Hehehhh...
    Hope you'll like it like I do, JoeC. :)
    Aww Najah... oh, btw did you know that kunyit is good confinement food? :)
    Yes, MOTT, when you're down and out, you just get back up. :)
    Wow, thanks for that Najwa. Hope it works out. And yes, you have my eternal gratitude.
    I thought so too, Lucia. But I read at Midnitelily's that her dad used to make this too. :)
    Indeed, Rajan.
    Isn't that like a kunyit overload, Simon?
    Resistance is futile, Gina.
    You'll just have to try to make it yourself, MamaBoK! :)

  15. awwww SJ... a bit too far but great for dinner parties kekeke

  16. You are a good man, going out of your way to help a friend. :)

  17. it not only looks yummy, the presentation is good too. usually I see those pandan chicken all deep fried till the leaf also brown already. the presentation make the chiken looks extra yummy.
    will keep the contact, for any occasion.

  18. off topic,
    but can you update my link?
    the old one has changed to,

  19. Reading your blog is one of the highlights of my life. Okay, I exaggerate a bit, but isn't it flattering? Anyway, I stumbled upon it by accident quite some time ago and have been entranced with the story of your son, who is very amusing and is going to grow up to be quite a ladykiller. You are incredibly well writ and eloquent, something that turns me on.. oops, I mean is ... good. I'm kidding, of course... >.< Now that I've written a book --Chrry

  20. Nope, never tried before ...
    Damn where to send condolences to Abdullah Badawi and family? :(

  21. Looks yummy, maybe I can order this for Zara's 1 year old party..

  22. Ah, dinner parties! Yes Babe, good idea.
    Well, it's a win-win situation for me, AhPink. If she does well, then maybe I can save some money on my god-dot's baju Raya!
    Aaahh, Maria, that's my skill in frying! Huahahahah!
    Maaan, Simon, I was hoping you wouldn't notice. I damn malas lah. Hehehh... will get to it soon, bro.
    Why thanks for dropping by Chrry, and for all the kind words. I'll treat you to a Pandan Chicken. :)
    Then you really don't know what you're missing, Gwen.
    Sure thing, Zara's Mama, though I doubt if Zara will get to taste it. :)